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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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though it's harder to live it... - "Ambition" by Wale

Wale's newest single (released today, actually) speaks truth in so many ways. Although, his lyrics are more about the rough life in the projects and drug dealing, I feel as though the verse below resonates greatly with the overall pursuit for success and achieving our dreams. 

Ambition is priceless. It's something that's in your veins.
And I doubt that I'll ever change.
Ambition is my shit, and I put that on my name.

Damn straight, Wale. Oh, how these words speak sweet wisdom to me. I agree with you 100 percent. Ambition is something that is rooted inside of you -- it's a competitive edge, it's what you've got over that one person or thing that's keeping you from the gold... and if strong enough, nothing can stand in your way. It's a combination of persistence, drive and confidence. It's what sets you apart from the Average Joe

Ambitious people are certainly a specific type of people... it's not necessarily a bad thing, but being "that way" does not always rub off the right way either. Some may view it as arrogance. I would argue - overly confident. Personally, I'd rather be ambitious than timid; because, it's a harsh world out there. You won't survive one day in the #bigpeopleworld unless you make that first impression -- a spectacular one, and believe me... people don't let that first handshake/greeting/first-word-that-pops-out-of-your-mouth die down. So if you're reaching for the stars - go the distance because the only person you have rooting you on is yourself.. and I guess your mom on the sidelines counts, too.

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