Monday, November 7, 2011

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To help stabilize myself and regain my sanity from what has become one of the most intense weeks of my life this past quarter of constant networking, parties, interviews and school work, I'm going to need a time-out. This much needed time of solace and solitude will mainly consist of class, school work and ADPi. I'm momentarily checking out of the blogger world and bidding adieu to my Pinterest for the week. Being the #socialmediaaddict that I am, it will be difficult to part from these distractions.... but the girl's got priorities, right?

Also, I'm going to try this new thing called... my life online doesn't need to be a place of information overload. So as much as I love sharing those awkward moments, current love interests, etc. (yadda yadda, I could go on forever), I think I'm going to try not over-analyzing things, which I tend to do through blogging and other venues.

#YOLO: You Only Live Once... so why not make the most of it and just live it... gotta let things happen they way they are meant to be because honestly, we've got no know control of what's happening next, so why wasting time thinking about it?

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