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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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"Patience is a virtue" - as the saying goes... but sometimes amidst the stress and chaos of life, we can't seem to wait. Or in my case, I am starting to feel a bit anxious. This next week will be, by far, one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Don't immediately dub me a drama queen without first hearin' the girl out.

Ever wanted something so badly that you wouldn't know what you would do if you didn't get it? Okay... well, this is exactly how I'm feeling. My dream job.... the one that I tell every single person I meet when I exchange business cards.. it's the one that I go on and on and on about and how I have worked my butt off for the past three years in college to establish my network, connect with pros in the industry and learn more about how to get my foot in the door. 

Well, my friend.. I'm talking about that dream job. Yes, the little one has landed her big interviews and is finally going to meet team members. Excited? Yes. Anxious... even more so... but most importantly, I am stoked beyond belief to have the opportunity to impress these people whom I one day would hope to call mentors and fellow colleagues. Wish me luck as I prepare for what will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. 

This is it friends... the final stretch. 

It's like I'm back at Turner Field of sweet 'ole Georgia, and the bases are all loaded... It's up to McCann to hit the big one and bring everyone back home. No room for mess-ups. The pressure is on, and I'm ready. #bringit

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