twenty twelve. let's do it big.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

And to think I was going to have a tame and quiet #NYE... 
that's what great friends are for - to make sure you live up every moment possible.
Here's to ringing in the New Year in style!!!

last minute thoughts... my 2011 recap: a year in review


... to dear friends who are always there for you even when you least expect it

... to another successful year serving the Alpha Theta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi on the Executive Board

... to meeting ADPi alumnae in the PR industry and networking with PRSA pros

... to receiving that Excellence in Recruitment Programming Award at the Greek Awards Banquet and know that all of your hard work paid off (best recruitment team ever... J.Chung, Tatiana and I rocked it.)

... to developing new friendships and strengthening old ones

... for having the opportunity of being my best friend's campaign manager for the ASUW elections and seeing him taste sweet victory

... to being a stage mom for a dear freshman competing in the Delta Tau Delta Miss Greek Pageant and witnessing her take the crown and title after all of her hard work and dedication (so proud of Meeghan!)

... to a successful twenty-one run! 

... to seven weeks of sweet Southern goodness in ATL with an amazing group of women

... for an unforgettable adventure in Europe with my dearest mother

... to my last Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment as an active Delta member (the last Preference)

... to my last Bid Day and the sweet new additions to my beautiful Fam Bam (LLTL)

... for an amazing time at the Seattle Interact Conference and meeting amazing professionals in the creative industry | making new friends at the after parties and random downtown excursions with Robert

... to the PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, Fla. with the UW PRSSA officers

... to landing the opportunity/job of my dreams -- all that hard work, networking and time truly paid off

... to rekindling a flame you thought would never burn again

It was a great year... full of ups and downs. Surprises, heartbreaks and new found loves. Lessons and obstacles to overcome... but, guess what? In a few short hours, it will be a new year, and I'm ready for twenty twelve. Bring it. Let's do it big tonight.

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