twenty twelve: gotta live like we got one night.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! I know, I did!

right outside of my studio. had to do a pre-going out picture. #tsm

Last minute plans turned into an unforgettable night with close friends, new besties and sore feet from 5 inch stilettos. Oh and lesson learned... always have your transportation figured out ahead of time because on a night like New Years, there will never be available cabs aka I should have paid more close attention to FreshJess' post about Uber - would have saved my feet the long and painful trek from Cap Hill to Belltown. (Uber: stylish and reliable transportation at the command of a text message or iPhone/Android app w/ hassle-free fare)

But hey, I met some great people on my walk back and an interesting adventure to start the New Year. You win some. You lose some. 

(left: Robert and Denise - the best friend and my Big Sis | right: the three of us at Purr)

Again, I'm going to say it. I can't believe that it's finally twenty twelve. During freshman year, it seemed like years before it would arrive... but, now it's here. 2012 is the year of a transition... becoming a real adult - the life of a postgrad. Although my friends get an extra 6 months to figure that all out, the immediate jump-right-in will be an exciting way to start the New Year - fresh and exhilarating.

Thanks for a great night, Biggie!

Here's to twenty twelve: the new job. becoming an adult. transitioning into the #biggirlworld. new friendships in the making. more runs. more coffee. new-found loves. & living each day with no regrets.

happy new year.
twenty twelve. let's do it big. 

Blog post title courtesy of "One Night" by Cobra Starship

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  1. Um, I def rocked that same Happy New Year blue too, obvi :)


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