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Monday, January 2, 2012

me in a nutshell:
blogging, tweeting, FBing, online shopping 
or searching the web for a new recipe

As I begin this New Year, I have decided to revamp this blog -- give it a new direction. A couple days ago, I wrote a post with the title "Mid-Week Morning Thoughts" and hoped that it would be a weekly habit. Well, that category of posts will be in accordance to this makeover.... so stay tuned folks. 

I've got an agenda for y'all. I'm going to re-shape and sass-a-frass up this blog to provide you original and creative content... because what's most important of all? y.o.u.r entertainment. I owe it to you, especially now with the spare time on my hands. Hopefully with a more interesting love/social/culinary/work/city/etc. life outside of the sorority and college, I'll have more rich and exciting adventures to share.

Be on the lookout for the following themed posts:
  • Mid-Week Morning Thoughts: Every Wednesday morning, I'll be posting a bit of inspiration for you and me to get through the rest of the week.
  • Turn It Up Tuesdays: We be jammin' every Tuesday with either a new album/single review, an up+coming artist or the latest news about the coolest music festivals and concerts. Think Coachella, EDC, indie hipsters and underground Hip Hop... name the genre, and I bet you I have at least two jams in my iTunes library.
  • BPE | Business Party Etiquette: Lessons learned from the PR pros or just my own awkward social experiences at networking events... either way, we will learn together how to better conduct ourselves in a professional setting.
  • Work it harder. Make it Better.: Documenting my runs and my pre-training for marathon training... Let's just say I want to sign up for a marathon by the end of next year and get my body back into the cheerleader-physique I had when I was a flyer.
  • Recipe of the Week: Either I'll cook up a new dish or share a scrumptious find... best believe that we'll be salivating at the food-gasmic photos to come!
  • Seattleite in Training: Adventures in the city: New restaurants. Events. Boutiques. Networking with Seattle's finest. Newest fashion trends. Finding love in the Emerald City. I'm just a girl trying to learn the hustle and bustle of this brightly lighted, overly caffeinated and indie hipster-fested city. #mycityisfilthy 
Don't worry. I'll squeeze in some spontaneous posts here and there.... but for now, I'm hoping to use at least three of these themes on a weekly basis. #keepemfingerscrossed 


  1. LOVE this idea. I've been wanting to try out a few themes of my own to keep myself blogging more regularly. I really like the idea on the blogs I read.

    P.S. - Have you seen my shout-out to you in one of my latest posts? :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. lovin' it! I'll be perma-tuned in.. particularly to Turn it Up Tuesdays ;)

  4. Ditto to exactly what Megan said! Can't wait to see what you have to say, sister. :)


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