Mid-Week Morning Thoughts: Mothers Know Best

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When in doubt, your mother is always right.

My mother, as many have affectionately dubbed her "Mama Nguyen," is a wonderful woman - complicated, demanding, savvy in all things dinner parties, loving yet critical, patient and refined. She is a parent who played both nurturing roles as mother and father when my parent's divorced, and to many, her culinary expertise may be the root cause to why I can never be on a diet nor lose weight. The woman has taught me the importance of being a foodie (which I'll explain a future post), and her best piece of advice is to never lose sight of my dreams. She is devoted daughter, spending much of her time with my grandmother - a loving sister, cooking every weekend for family gatherings - a compassionate service worker, helping at churches and volunteering as much as she can.

Regardless of all that she is, the most important role she plays is my mother - advice giver, a shoulder to cry on, the screeching voice at me when I've misbehaved, my polish-checker (aka outfit approvals) and my dear gossip girl. Even in times of doubt and young rebellious teenage years, she still stood by my side, sometimes disapproving of my decisions. But in the end, her love for me persisted.

So yes, at times when I am frustrated with her or with life, I just have to remember that ultimately, she is 99.9% always right about everything!

PS I missed out on yesterday's Turn It Up Tuesday... I'll post a double whammy for y'all next week feat. Lissie and Ellie Goulding. It'll be a dynamic duo of indie/hipster soulful voices.

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