Snow Day Sunday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

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It officially snowed today in Seattle...

                                                                          Source: via Leah on Pinterest

After an amazing fall season of clear skies, we get a snowstorm mid-January. According to a text message I received yesterday "the national weather service [was] predicting the historically largest enormous snowstorm to ever hit western Washington this weekend." I laughed at that ridiculous news when I walked the streets in my light North Face, enjoying the bright sunny-typical-brisk wind-weather. My thoughts: there is no way an actual storm could hit... Seattle usually gets slushhhhh.

Boy, I was wrong. This morning, just a few flakes fell down, but now almost mid-afternoon, I'm staring out my window at white fluff and a flurry downpour of large flakes.

Okay, the picture above is a slight exaggeration...  but really though...there's lots 'o snow for the Emerald City, today. Lookie below!

the view from my studio
Because this picture was taken via my Blackberry, you can't tell that the flakes are still coming down tough... Makes it hard for the little one here to make any more ventures outside. There's no way in heck I'm trying to run in this weather or even attempt to go shopping anymore. It's snuggling with blankets, watching chick flicks and hot tea for this afternoon.

Crossin' my fingers that it stops snowing tomorrow and that it's just fresh powdered streets for a fun stroll through winter wonderland.

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