Mid-Week Morning Thoughts: Women's Logic

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First, I owe you all two.... now three Turn It Up Tuesday posts and my very first Seattleite in Training  series post. I will.... get these to you by the end of the weekend.. hopefully!!!

For this week, I stumbled upon this gem while I perused through a million pins last night on pinterest:

Let's just say, this picture speaks truth in so many ways. Why are we (women) such strange creatures? The games we play, the subtle hints, speaking with our eyes and passive-aggressive "compliments" are just a few of the many reasons why men are probably confused and never able to fully understand what's going in our pretty little heads.

M: Where do you want to go for dinner?
W: I don't know... where do you want to go?
M: How about that place... on.... 47th street?
W: No, I hate that place.
M: Okay, how about this place?
W: No... I don't like that place either. Their food is greasy.
(The conversation continues - back and forth- until he finally gives up and you pick the restaurant, which you're completely satisfied with but have now wasted 15 minutes of chitter chatter. Oh, and you knew where you wanted to go the entire time... but of course, you wanted to sound like the appeasing girlfriend and ask his opinion.)

M: What's wrong?
W: Why don't YOU tell me what's wrong? Don't you just know?
(No, they are men. They are boyfriends. They are husbands. They are partners. THEY ARE NOT PSYCHICS).

M: What do you want for your birthday?
W: Anything
(Liar, you know what you want. You had it picked out three months ago, and if he gets the wrong present, you'll say "thanks" and be utterly disappointed that he couldn't read your mind nor get your subtle hints.)

Wouldn't it be easier for everyone, if we could just be blunt? Straight-forward and direct. To give a no-bullshit answer and skip the mind games?

I hate games, and I'm pretty sure all girls would agree when I say I absolutely loathe it when a man I like becomes a "player." But this statement resonates with men, too.

My mother's theory: Men play games (aka players exist) because women initiate the game when we are not direct in communication. (This includes the 10 minute rule when texting, playing hard-to-get and "making him jealous." Oh honey, you think you're acting cool but really, you're just confusing the poor guy.)

So why doesn't everyone (both men and women) just stop it with these mind-boggling, heart-throbbing obstacle games? I'm certain most of us are tired of jumping through hoops and zig-zagging through some weird maze - searching for an answer to "does s/he like me?"

Honestly, I don't have an answer to why people don't stop... but I do have a few comments on why we should:

We've only got one life to live. Why waste that time with games? If you want something, go for it. It never hurts to be blunt and straight to the point. You don't want to live your life thinking "what if " or "if only." Being a direct person, I know that I love it when people would just tell me how it is, but I do know that it is extremely difficult to do so when intangible subjects like this arise in our lives.

Personal sidenote: people probably play the game to protect their heart. They are afraid of letting their guard down, so putting up a front allows them to hide their true feelings... Probably not the best way to tell someone you have feelings for them. But it happens all the time.

Everyone's guilty of it... I know I am.

Welp... Happy Wednesday, friends! I'll let you ponder this the next time you decide to play "hard-to-get."

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  1. I'm actually reading a book about how in many species (especially those where the female shows significantly higher parental investment than the male), coyness has a genetic advantage. Not to blame genes for "B*tches be crazy," but it may be quite valid (up to an extent). :)


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