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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to my new blog series: "Seattleite in Training" where I will be covering my latest adventures in the Emerald City, reviews, influential Seattleites whom I've met or would like to meet, and much more.

A little more than a month ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing two of Seattle's top fashionista-bloggers. They are truly inspirational, and for a guppy like myself, I aspire to roll with them one day. Without much further ado, I dedicate this post to:

A social media maven with a heart of gold, I met Jess this past spring at a mocktail event for my professional development class. She is one of the most approachable and genuine people I have met - just oozing with advice and tons of great tips for post and soon-to-be grads. Director of Marketing for Banyan Branch by day and a fashion-icon-dancing-queen by night, she rocks the Seattleite Black Belt. At all of the networking events I have been to, I have not met one person that doesn't know Jess; the city is her jungle gym. When asked what a Seattleite wouldn't be caught dead without, Jess replied "water-repellant gear." Yes, I must agree... it never hurts to be over-prepared with weather like ours. Favorite accessory? None other than her gold bulldog necklace. Jess is a big fan of bulldogs, and welp, can't blame her. They are absolutely adorable. Not gonna lie homegirl; a bulldog is one of my top contenders for a future puppy! Much respect to her when I asked which fashion designer's style most resembles her personality, Jess replies that "independent designers and boutiques" are more to her liking: 
"Because nothing is worse than wearing the exact same thing as someone else. I guess I apply that philosophy to everything else in life!"

So the question that every Seattleite-in-training dies to ask Jess: where does she draw her fashion inspiration from? She answers Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. Flawless style, Jess!

Seattle in one word: Burgeoning. 

"Seattle is a hub not just for tech & coffee, but retail, biotech, philanthropy, music and so much more. I like that the city's a bit under the radar as far as big cities go, but we're so fortunate to have so many global companies that people are proud to work for here in our region."

Swag on, girl. You've got this city on lockdown.

If not working away at Banyan, Jess can be spotted dancing the night away at Moe Bar Mondays or blogging at a local coffee shop. For more on FreshJess and her fresh life, read her blog here. 

Sad to admit that I have never met Mollie in real life, but I stumbled upon her blog and tweets from Jess' blog. Many have RT'ed and mentioned this gal as the "it girl," and there is absolutely no doubt about it. The next big thing to have happened to Seattle, Mollie brings color, youth and style to her loyal readers. She finds the city "exhilarating," a place "where anything is possible, [she] wakes up every day inspired and excited with anticipation for what the day holds." Her blog documents the happenings of her life, her love for fashion and much more. Mollie is the epitome of a Seattleite. She would never be caught dead without her Starbucks, a venti vanilla latte to be exact, and when asked which accessory she couldn't live without, she said, her cell phone. Overly caffeinated and always staying connected... I'd say that's a true native to the Emerald City. The voice of France Luxe Hair's social media by day and a starlet of Seattle's exclusive events by night, Mollie can be found wearing heels, something sparkly and pink. She's a true fashionista; her friendships with style icons like DVF are a testament to her flair for the industry. Her personal style icon: Grace Kelly. A classic choice, Mollie. Classy and fabulous, just as you are! 

When asked which fashion designer represents her personality, she answers Tory Burch
"Tory Burch, a lot of her pieces are inspired by her mother, I was close with my mother and the relationship, I admire the relationship Tory has with her family. Her designs and clothes are very elegant and timeless, things that can be worn today and years from now. It's very feminine and practical."

To take a walk in these girl's shoes means a life of glitter, to-die-for clothes and maybe a never-ending supply of Pop Chips? (apparently, Mollie scored a year's worth of Pop Chips from Team Up for Nonprofits!). For more on MollieinSeattle, check out her blog here.

Great appreciation to these wonderful fashionista-bloggers for answering the questions of a "Seattleite In Training!" 

My next task will be to try out some of their favorite eats:

The Walrus and the Carpenter :: Ballard
Both Jess and Mollie mentioned it as one of their favorites!

RN74 :: Downtown

Ba Bar :: Capitol Hill

Revel :: Fremont

Wasabi Bistro :: Belltown

Grim's :: Capitol Hill

Madison Park Conservatory :: Madison Park

Oddfellows Café :: Capitol Hill

I'm predicting a restaurant review post in the near future...

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  1. love both these inspiring ladies in our fair city! :)


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