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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

                                                             Source: via Amanda B. on Pinterest

I remember the day I posted this picture as my desktop at work. A colleague bursted out laughing... saying that I would be the last person to need that reminder.

Those two words - be classy - are more than just my reminder to behave in a proper manner aka not get embarrassingly sh*tfaced at a business function, swear in front of clients or chew with my mouth closed. Simple and straightforward, the phrase serves as a a standard, which I hold myself accountable. With each day, I strive to accept challenges with grace and poise, to embrace good and bad situations with an open mind and to welcome each person without preconceived judgement.

More than just two simple words on my desktop background - the phrase is a life motto. Forever and always, let's keep things classy.

Do you have a personal mantra or life motto that inspires you to be a better "you?"


  1. Mine isn't quite as succinct as yours: the buddhist 5 rememberances state: "All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change. There is no way to escape being separated from them. My actions are my only true belongings, I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand."

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kizzle - those are beautiful and powerful words!

  2. I'm a big fan of quotes, but my personal mantra would have to be "This, too, shall pass." It's a nice reminder to keep things in perspective.


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