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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

With spring comes sunshine, warm weather and a reason to throw a party on the rooftop. It's time to finally dust off that seersucker sundress and dance the night away under twinkle lights. When prepping for a festive occasion, the best hostess must consider all facets of the party - from the music and decor to the food and favors.

Below are some of my favorite picks for planning a party menu:


Nothing says partayy like a little pink lemonade - and of course, best served chilled in a mason jar with a pink-striped straw. Benefits to mason jars? No spillage on that beautiful white sundress. Guests can refill their jar from a drink dispenser (love this one from Pottery Barn) or grab a different pre-mixed drink from the ice bucket.

Flavors to consider: Arnold Palmers, Pink Lemonade, Mojitos and Tom Collins


No-mess apps are always the best. Since it's spring, go for a veggie-heavy appetizer such as the zucchini ribbon salad (left) or the delicious antipesto kebab (right). Other options to consider include pita cups - small pieces of pita bread baked in a muffin tin to a warm crisp, creating a little cup; fill with a dollop of hummus, a kalamata olive and a dash of roasted red peppers. For the easiest route, serve toasted slices of French or Sourdough bread and various dipping oils and bruschetta.

light course

I'm a big fan of light dinners and especially ones that encourage sharing. Love the idea pictured above - to have tortellini skewers and pesto dip for a fondue-like meal. If you're not up for making the pasta from scratch, I highly suggest Cucina Fresca. They have healthy, light and delicious filled pastas, made from Semolina No. 1 wheat flour, fresh pasteurized eggs and the best tasting cheeses. My favorite fillings include the wild mushroom ravioli (porcini, portabello and criminii mushrooms sauteed in a sweet cream butter, spinach and ricotta cheese sauce) and the caramelized pear and Gorgonzola ravioli (fresh Bosc pears, caramelized with white wine and Gorgonzola cheese).

frozen treats

Popsicles for grown-ups? Ummm, count me in. These look absolutely refreshing and think of all the different flavors you could make. Tequila sunrise pop, mojito pop, pina coladas and plenty more. The recipe for these pops are pretty darn simple. All you need are funnel shaped plastic tube-like bags and fill with your favorite juices - coconut water is apparently a great base- then, add fruit, tie and freeze.


No party is complete without favors. Give your guest a little treat to remind them of your fun gathering and attention to detail. One of my favorite party favor trends is cake pops - individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon, for a personal touch.

Feel free to share your favorite dinner party recipes and hostess tips here. I'd love to learn a new dessert.

Best of luck in your party planning!

Xoxo from your little hostess with the mostess 

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  1. I LOVE ready-made cocktails, and in a mason jar with a paper straw, what more could a girl ask for!

    Amanda, your blog is too cute, keep it up girl!


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