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Sunday, April 1, 2012

For those of you who don't know me, I have a thing for pink. Although the majority of my closet consists of black, grey and other boring neutral colors, there is a designated section for color which is dominated by a bright glow of fuchsia.

Whether it'd be neon, pale, blush or ombre, the color just screams to me "Wear me, I make you happy!"

Yes, color speaks to me in mysterious ways - just as my color-coded planner (in pink and neon yellow, edged with deep purple) is much more eye-catching than a plain legal pad of black and blue scribbles. 

For me, pink is my power color. When I wear it or surround myself with it, I feel stronger, happier and "more me." 

Yes, I believe that power colors do exist... it's the color of your strength. Some may prefer to call it a "favorite color," but I beg to differ.

With that one power color, I feel invincible - nothing could damper my mood, and it's an automatic happy-booster.

Whether the pink is from my high-waisted, pleated, cuffed hem pants or the bright glow of Essie's "Knockout Pout" on my nails, just a small glimmer of that beautiful color makes life just a little bit more wonderful and brings a smile to my face.

Trust me... having a power color can change your perspective on life, help motivate you and bring positivity to a stressful day.

Here are simple ways to incorporate your power color into your daily life:

#1 fresh flowers at the office

A simple floral arrangement adds color to the bland cubicle and sparks creativity. The best part about flowers... they come in all colors. There's bound to be an arrangement that is to your liking. For square or wider vases, try hydrangeas - they take up more space without requiring too many fillers. Spiffy up a bouquet of gerbera daisies with green mums - they add a touch of fun to the mix. Ribbon around a vase gives an extra personal touch. 

#2 finding the perfect shade of lipstick and making it your signature. (If your power color isn't a lip shade, try looking at eye shadows. M.A.C. has a great assortment of colors.)

There's nothing better than finding that perfect shade of to dab onto your lips. Lip colors make your pearly whites look brighter! My personal favorite is Bobbi Brown's "rose berry." I highly recommend looking at colors from tarte, too!

#3 a hint of color on your wrist
No need for a bunch of bracelets or a watch, Emi-Jay hair-ties are a functional and simple way of adding color to an everyday outfit. The ties come in array of colors, print and shimmers. The pack above is called the Cure Collection, in honor of breast cancer awareness. The best part? The ties don't leave a cinch in your hair like a normal pony-tail holder. Say good-bye to the awkward moment of undoing your pony-tail and realizing that the cinch created a horrid-ugly looking crease in your hair. 

#4 color at your fingertips

Another way to wear your power color is on your nails. OPI is a popular choice for nail polish, but I'm a big fan of Essie. Above are three of my favorite shades: Knockout Pout, Castaway and Tour de Finance. 

Knockout Pout is an in-your-face, hot neon pink. It screams summer, spring flings and fun in the sun.

Castaway blends soft rose petals and mauve with hints of powder pink. 

Tour de finance exudes fuchsia with a dab of shimmer.

NOTE: some workplaces may not take too kindly if you're sportin' neon yellow - so best be warned that if your power color is more exotic than others, try alternative ways of bringing that color into the work environment.

#5 writing notes in color

This is the easiest way to incorporate color at the office. Writing your notes in color or using a bedazzled notepad can easily change up the repetition of the workplace. I use pink pens to write/highlight important events in my agenda or upcoming due dates. Seeing my power color instead of a blue, red or black helps me approach the task and deadline with more ease. 

You'd be surprised the power colors have over our moods and emotions. Try incorporating your power color and see if there is a difference in your mood and behavior. Those five steps are just simple ways that I've found helpful in bringing positivity and lightening up the atmosphere.

What is your power color, and how does it play a part in your life?
If you don't have one, what motivates you or helps you remain positive at work?

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