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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scarves are the perfect year-round accessory - especially in the Pacific Northwest, where there's always a slight chance of brisk winds on a sunny day. What makes this scarf a must-have for your closet? It's more than just style... it's giving hope to those who need it.

eturnalife is a brand of scarves created by four University of Washington students with the goal of raising awareness and support for charitable causes. All proceeds go directly to the organization. For only $28, you'll be sportin' a new soft, stylish scarf and helping a good cause. #winning

The scarves are sold in seven colors - one color per charity:

breast cancer research

AIDS prevention and support

autism research and treatment

environmental conservation

animal protection

Seattle Children's Hospital

American cancer society

giving back never looked so fashionable!!
tres chic for charity
eturnalife founders: paige, lauren, jordan + mayuri
Absolutely in love with these ladies' passion for service.
They are making a difference - one scarf at a time, and I encourage you to support them and eturnalife.

Become a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, shop online and check out a recap of their most recent trunk show!

What color will you be wearing?

[images via eturnalife's Facebook Fan Page, credits to The After Hour]

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