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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of my favorite holidays is coming up.... Cinco de drinko...err... I meant Cinco de Mayo!! haha Time to dust off the sombrero, throw on some festive colors and toss a couple back with your amigos.

After this long week at work (I know it's only Wednesday, but really... it's going to be a long week), I believe sangria and tequila with tons and tons of yummy limes are totes deserved. yum.

Paired with some chips, guac, extra-spicy salsa and queso.... Mmmmm.. that is heaven.

I'll be celebrating in true party-style with my best friends of course, and probably donning a pair of white skinnys, the, a flouncy coral top and gold bangles. Turquoise nail polish, feathers and raybans are a must... the fiesta begins at noon, which by then, you will probably find me somewhere in Cap Hill, tearin' up the dance floor with my bestie to Selena and Ricky Martin. See y'all there for the partayyy.

that looks delicious... Love me some limesssss
Absolutely stoked. Keeping 'dem fingasss crossed for some sun this Saturday.. because honestly, all I really want are some tacos and sunny rays. Sunshine.. get. at. meh. now. 

In honor of this amazing, day-drinking holiday - I give you some of my favorite Mexican eats:

Mama's Mexican Kitchen :: Seattle's oldest Mexican restaurant, one of my favorite happy hours and they have an Elvis Room... need I say more?

Cactus :: If you're here for happy hour, you must try their blue corn calamari... to die for. If you want a more modern, hip vibe, go to their South Lake Union location, or for a more romantic setting, Madison Park is lovely.

Pesos :: This is a classic, and I'm obsessed with their rock fish and scallop ceviche - absolutely delicious. They also have brunch too, which is great if you're looking for a post-cinco de drinko cure.

The Matador :: To be honest, I have not been to this Ballard location, but the one in Portland is fantastic. Same management, so I'm assuming same great selection of tequila and food. All of my friends have raved about this location, and I don't doubt their tastes.

Hope you get a chance to try some of these places out soon... I know I'll be visiting Mama's this week as I prep for the big fiesta this Saturday.. Ole!

'Til then when I see you on the other side of an extra salt-rimmed margarita.... adios muchachos. 

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  1. I'm not really one for margaritas, but sounds like a fun weekend you have planned!

    fun fact: cinch de mayo is children's day in Japan :)


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