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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last night was a fabulous time on Capitol Hill with my besties to celebrate cinco de mayo errrr cinco de drinko!! 

Poquitos' yummy eats.
image via
It began with a 3 p.m. visit to Poquitos, where Carl and I ordered some chips and salsa, a round of Poquito Punch - Spanish sangria with El Jimador Reposado tequila, triple sec, red wine, port, brandy, grenadine & organic citrus juices ($7), and delicious pork tacos ($10). Lo siento, m'friends... I forgot to take pictures of our delicious festive treats. I will note though that the punch was absolutely delicious! Viva Poquitos!

After catching up and discussing our glamorous  busy lives, we decided to venture around the Hill for some entertainment as we waited for Sarah to get out of her LSAT class and my bestie, Robert to arrive. We went to Cha Cha's around 5 pmish... yeah, it was definitely a very different vibe from the late night-large crowd happenings. It was totes hipsterville there... you just needed some over-sized glasses, a tweed blazer and a fedora to fit right in with the crowd.

Left the hipsters for mason jars... Carl and I thoroughly enjoyed our short stay at Grim's as we watched one of the most awkward first dates ever. Okay... we weren't entirely sure.. but there was like a 95% certainty that it was a first date. I mean the girl was flipping her back and forth saying "I'm just like really into... and not a fan of..... and when I go out, I like... blah blah.. what do you enjoying doing?" The guy was overdressed for a first date - full suit - at Grim's on cinco? puhleeezee you're trying a little too hard, bro. A few more laughs here and there, Carl and I decided that we really enjoyed the atmosphere at Grim's - we decided our next outing would be to go dancing at Woods (the upper level dancefloor) and maybe rent out the Butterfly Lounge for a birthday party... and then, we got carried away with our little event planning.

Next thing you know, it was time to meet up with Sarah and Robert for our cinco dinner!

We chose Barrio for our cinco de mayo dinner partayy... and indeed, it was a fiesta. Ayayayayaya - arriba arribaaaaa! I had heard many people rave about the ambience, food and drinks at this place and had been stoked for it this entire week.

With sangria, a round of pacificos, a gorgeous, Jake Gyllenhaal look-alike waiter and Carl's tequila... Barrio was fabulousness all around.

Some of my favorite eats at Barrio: Grilled Prawn and Rockfish Ceviche ($13), Chicken Verde Enchiladas ($15) and Mexican Coke Braised Pork Belly Tacos ($16). 

my yummy ceviche... love the plantain chips.
 check out the cute flag!

They also had grilled Mexican corn for $4!

one of my favorite pictures of this night... Sarah was not having it. bahaha
It had been many weeks since I had seen Sarah, so I was absolutely thrilled that she could make it out for cinco. Unfortunately, she was cooped up taking LSAT practice tests today and was exhausted after her class... but a couple of Pacificos cheered her up!

Aww look at my besties with their dranky dranks! Double fisting I see... soo proud. But po' Carl, he doesn't look too happy to take his tequila shot... aw sad face, Carl hahaha

Robert's drink (in his right hand) was called a Paloma in a bottle... Grapefruit soda, tequila and lime... yumminess.

bahaha, YAY, that's more like it!
Carl got one of the cinco specials - a shot and a beer... I about died laughing when I saw the "shot and shirt" special - one shot of Jose Cuervo and a shirt to remember what you couldn't remember from your night of cinco festivities.. hilarious, Barrio.

And then this happened... Robert ordered a bucket of Pacificos....

And the result? Well, who knows what to call it? I'm just going to label it "fun."
Here is "fun" at its finest. bahaha
After finishing the Pacificos, we wanted to continue the fun.... so we took our silliness to Linda's Tavern. We arrived just in time for late night happy hour... and Robert and I got excited that they had a happy meal! The menu said "plain cheeseburger, fries and a toy." TOY - that's all I saw... and for only five bucks, we had to get it. So Robert ordered it for us to share... and when it came out, this was my toy:
WTH... I was expecting Barbie or at least a ring pop. sad face.
My toy was not Barbie, like I had thought... or even a ring pop. I mean.. next best thing would have been a Nacho Libre mini-plastic action figure. But no, I got a weird magnifying glass gadget. I even asked our waitress how I was supposed to play with my new toy. She obvi thought I was a child. not surprised.
Yes, Robert... I know. Our toy sucked... 
Besides the toy, cinco was a success - great times with best friends while enjoying fabulous drinks. Laid back and casual... no need for a huge dance fest, turning tables or a mariachi band.

Just laughter, jokes and sharing stories... that's the way we like it.. oh and of course, rounds and rounds of sangria and margaritas.
cinco dream team: sarah, robert, me and carl
Thank you pretty boy Jake Gyllenhaal look alike waiter for taking our group picture!
Hope you all had a fabulous festive cinco de mayo yesterday! 

What did you do to celebrate, or did you participate in cinco de derby and sipped on mint juleps instead of margaritas? Do share in comments below... I'd love to hear about it!

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