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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This week has been quite hectic... with reporting, big projects and Mothers' Day this weekend - IDK how I've been able to hold it together. (and it's only Tuesday I've narrowed my to-do list to three main non-work related priorities: (1) ordering my cap and gown for graduation (2) packing for my  trip home to Portland and (3) finding the perfect dress for graduation.

I'm beyond stoked to go home for Mothers' Day and visit my dear Mama Nguyen. Looking forward to spending some quality time with her and my grandmother. My aunt recently moved to the area too, so I can't wait to see her. It will just be a fabulous weekend of laughter, fun and good eats. (Mother always finds ways of fattening me up.)

One thing to note for my Portland visit is the perk of working for a global PR agency - we have offices.... everywhere, and just so happens there is an office in Portland; so I'm excited to meet new friends and work from my hometown. It will be great to visit a new office, and see the agency culture in a new setting.

As noted, two things on my priority list center around... ummm graduation?! Wooot, the big day has finally arrived! I know I've technically already graduated, but commencement is like a rite of passage. It's not official until I walk across that stage and get my diploma - face on the big screen, wearing the cap and gown... and of course, tossin' my cap into the air and watch it fly with its tassel in the air. 

So here's to a week of productivity and a safe trip home to Portland, the City of Roses! 

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