orange you glad.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lately, I've been absolutely digging this coral to red-orange hue -- loud, bright and just simply the perfect color for the season. Elle Woods may have been right in  2001 when she said that whoever named orange the new pink was seriously disturbed (loyal wearer of all things pink) but, for summer 2012, it's making a comeback - it's all about the orange, corals and peaches. After all, tangerine tango is the color of the year.

Maxis, flutter tops and and even satchels are making a pop with that color. I loved seeing a little bit of it in Kate Spade's Florence Broadhurst line such as that little Hopper House Shyla clutch (orange and neon pink) and Tory Burch's Mariel dress in marmalade.

Here are some of my pin-spiring picks for this hot color:
love the knit-feel of this poncho-like sweater
gorgeous, pleated chiffon maxi
pleated tulip skirt and fierce with animal print
simple, light-weight jersey racerback tank dress and belted with a woven leather belt
played casual with a top knot
and this one's for the boys....
color on top of a gingham patterned button up
Are you wearing orange this season?

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  1. nope! orange, like yellow, is one of my colors of death.
    It's too close to my skin tone :/

  2. I absolutely LOVE that chiffon dress. So stinkin' adorable!!


  3. Oh yeah! I just bought an orange dress at TJ Maxx on Saturday. I had no idea I was so fashionable. ;)

  4. Completely in love with this color, it is perfect for the summer!


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