PSA: Tights are NOT pants.

Monday, June 4, 2012

                                                                       Source: via Sanda on Pinterest

My usual morning perusing on Pinterest led me to this lovely image from a friend's board (check her boards and tweets for style and fashion tips!) ummm.... It definitely serves as this morning's headline.

One of the biggest fashion fauxpaus I've come across is to mistake tights for leggings, and thus, wear the two as pants. Leggings, if thick and non-transparent, can be considered pants but with a long over-sized tunic ... the rule of thumb, is to cover your bum bum, girlies. We do not need to see your toosh or your hoo-ha. There's nothing worse when you see a girl donning leggings or tights that are a bit too see-through with a mini cropped top... not only do you see her underwear (trashy) but also, there may be an episode of camel-toe. ALSO, tights/leggings are not to be confused with yoga pants. So for goodness sakes, ladies.. tights are not pants.

That is my PSA for the morning.. or my Monday rant.. haha saving one girl in the fashion world... one pair of leggings at a time.

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