Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finally, I can catch my breath.

Dearest friends, my blog posts are way overdue - great apologies for not writing, but in my defense, I'd rather not post than give you crap. I mean... LBR, folks... the worst thing a blogger could give you is a pointless post.

Anywho.. Today marks two months since UW commencement.. I can't believe that time has flown by so quickly. Also now thinking back, I realized that I have never shared pictures from the photo shoot with you. A dear sister, Kelley who is two years younger took photos of me and fellow graduating sisters before Commencement. It was beautiful, sunny day (rare in Seattle, especially during the first week of June). I love love love these photos. Can't believe it's all done.

Hope you enjoy!
One last time in front of the beautiful Pi Palace.

<> throwing our diamonds <>

Hug Train!

where it all began.. Denny Hall (Bid Day '08, miss it!)
Looks like we haven't changed a bit since freshmen year...

Suzzalo <3 td="td">

pretty dresses. pretty sisters. 
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