oh canada. part one.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Per usual... it's been super busy over here, and of course, I owe you two posts. So as I start to unwind for this lovely Turkey holiday, I finally have some time to share with you my adventures in the land of our beloved neighbor, Canada.
For post numero uno.... I give you my recap of Eco Fashion Week.

A little more than a month ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending EFW in Vancouver, British Columbia for a work trip.

The trip brought back wonderful memories of my previous internship experience when I worked in show production. It was a taste of what I used to and still very much love - the fashion industry.

With five successful seasons, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week has brought the world of sustainability and fashion together - reminding designers and trendsetters the beauty of recycled fashion, vintage finds and thrifty treasures. Founder, Myriam Laroche, heads this initiative - supporting the future of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. I had the pleasure of meeting her on behalf of a client I work with, Savers / Value Village. Value Village sponsored two shows - the first show featured looks styled by Nicolette Lang-Andersen, Mimi Lauzon and Tony Vu. The second was the 68 Pound Challenge featuring Canada's Project Runway finalist - Kim Cathers. Cathers upcycled 68 lbs. worth of clothing, textiles and more from Value Village into runway-ready looks... quite the challenge that resulted in a fabulous collection. To watch a little behind-the-scenes clip on Kim Cathers' amazing runway masterpiece, watch here.

Below are a few snippets from the show where I got to live-tweet the stunning looks and take in all of the creativity: (All photos were taken by me from  my iPad unless otherwise noted by "image via")

Hope you enjoy the photos!

before the shows began // backstage access in the press booth.

5 minutes and counting...

ahhh EFW showroom!
And the next day... I had the chance to see all of the pieces from Kim Cathers' collection up close in the EFW showroom. Highlight of my week!

For more EFW fun, you can check out all of the press coverage, highlights and photos from the shows at Eco Fashion Week's Facebook page.

Next up: Top Shop Vancouver Grand Opening!

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. Savers / Value Village is a client. All thoughts in this post are my own - they do not represent my client or my employer.

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