the case of the mondays.

Monday, November 5, 2012

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it's monday. my head still hurts from this weekend's festivities. i owe you two blog posts which i still (shame to admit) haven't finished. i ate way too much greasy bar food. i want nothing more than to snuggle in a blankie, eating a pint of ben & jerrys while watching one of my favorite rom coms. oh and right, when did the weekends become so short?

This morning, I suffer from The Case of the Mondays - but like any typical workday, this day is just going to fly on by... so I guess I'mma embrace it, and take it like a champ. Sometimes, we all have to take life - straight without chaser, right?

Welp, here's to a week of crazy, busy schedules - endless reports - no breaks in between! 

At least, I have a trip to Leavenworth with the boy this upcoming weekend to look forward to... and to top it of, one of my best friends Chris (he is new on twitter... follow his tweets... he needs klout, haha) is making his way up here. Can't wait. I guess awesome weekend plans kinda make up for a crazy hellweek.

Is it Friday, yet?

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