let them eat cake.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

sweet tooth problems. yes, suffer from it daily. 

Ahem... last week, I had a Starbucks Christmas sugar cookie for breakfast.

so yummy. 

But for realzies, I have a weakness for desserts - especially, cupcakes. For some reason, I enjoy them more than a slice of cake. Maybe it's because they're individually wrapped, or perhaps, it's the frosting to cake ratio? Anyways, I love my desserts so much better when they take form in personalized 3-inch cakes of fluffy deliciousness.

To encourage your indulgence in sweet things - here are my favorite flavors from amazing local Seattle cupcake bakeries. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

chocolate nutella | trophy cupcakes
A rich, dark Valrhona chocolate cake with nutella buttercream edged in candied hazelnuts = heaven. Available on Saturdays at all locations - Wallingford Center, The Bravern and University Village. They also have a pop-up inside Pacific Place, too. Even our modern-day Betty Crocker - Martha Stewart- named it one of her favorite cupcake shops. Her choice of Trophy delight? chocolate graham cracker. (For the recipe, click here.)

dance party with hollie hobbie | cupcake royale
#1 reason I'm in love? sprinkles. And of course, it's pink - which was a given since it's my birthday-must-have. Pink vanilla buttercream swirled onto a beautiful, fluffy vanilla buttercake and sprinkled with colorful edible confetti - it screams "party time!" with every bite. Also, their motto speaks volumes to me.. I'm obsessed. Legalize Frostitution. amen, to that... bring on the icing. You can find a little frostitution in Capitol Hill, Ballard, Madrona, West Seattle, Bellevue and downtown Seattle (Pine Street). 

pumpkin cheesecake | the yellow leaf cupcake co.
Note: Pumpkin pie lovers.. this is orgasmic, but it's a seasonal flavor. So make sure to load up on them while you can before Turkey day or call the shop before you go, to make sure it's in stock. The great thing about this cupcake shop is the array of interesting flavors - I've seen everything from the classic red velvet to a puppy chow (muddy buddy) combo... and even, chocolate peanut butter bacon. Located in the heart of Belltown, this quirky shop is a fun little mid-day break when I'm at work. For my gluten-free friends, they also have a selection of yummy goodies for you, too!

pink champagne | pinkabella cupcakes
A smooth, fluffy pink champagne cake with a champagne buttercream frosting - topped with a little sparkle and bubbly. It is absolutely divine. I love these little cakes with fresh strawberries, too. The best part... you order these babies in a dozen. Cupcakes for delivery? YES. PinkaBella is a cute little cupcake catering business that whips up sweet tooth delights. These pretty, posh cakes can be picked up at Alderwood Mall, Redmond Town Center, Bellevue Square Mall and Southcenter. 

So tell me friends, where do you go for cupcakes?



  1. I am a Cupcake Royale SNOB. I love, love, luuuurve them so mucho. Their Classic is delicious. Dense cake and rich, chocolately goodness frosting. Don't even get me started on their Salted Caramel cupcake....
    The Gay is so fun and sweet. Their Valentine's Day Death Cake, is to die for. So nomz!

  2. Ah, the frosting to cake ratio! That must be why I love cupcakes so much. :) Quite a few Southern California schools have taken me to Sprinkles, and UCLA even took me to a Sprinkles cupcake machine! Like an ATM for cupcakes, so I dubbed it the ACM. So cool.

    1. :) YAY, so glad you got to visit the Sprinkles 24/7 cupcake dispenser!! :) Miss you sweet girl and thanks for reading xoxo


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