Saturday, January 5, 2013

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As we rang in the New Year and embraced 2013 with open arms, high expectations and the clinking of champagne glasses - we began to focus on those little promises we had made to ourselves. our resolutions.

Some people make resolutions they don't intend to keep - because sometimes after about day four... they lead astray from their list of to-dos. Unlike last year, I'm not letting myself get distracted in 2013... or at least I'll try.

This year, I hope to focus on crossing off the baby steps towards reaching bigger goals and plans. They say that writing goals down helps you stay motivated. A friend recently told me that sharing your goals with others helps you stay on track - because now you've made them public, and the fear of disappointing others or losing face is a pressure that can, at times, be more powerful than the fear of disappointing yourself. So here I am... sharing with you my goals. shit just got real.

step one: take the GRE. That's right folks... the recent graduate is planning on hitting the books again. As I begin preparing for the big test, come April, I'm relearning the importance of time management, focus and patience. Balancing work, life, grad school and the other variables is going to be quite the task. BUT I'm up for the challenge.

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step two: run a 5K (the color run). As my main squeeze begins his paleo-diet and marathon training, I'm thinking it's about time I hit the 'ole treadmill again and get my butt into gear. A simple 5K can't be that bad... I mean... the girl's gotta prepare for that SeaWheeze - a half marathon sponsored by Lululemon. IDK if I can really train in time for that... but you never know... patience and determination may help this sistah-friend work even harder.

step three: explore. My main squeeze and I got to talking and realized that although we lived in the beautiful emerald city for so long (about 5ish years now), I still have yet to venture through all the neighborhoods. As much as I love the iconic Pikes Place and all the pretty lights in downtown... I'm thinking of finally crossing borders and paying the other hipsta places a try. Aside from the UDistrict, which I'm well familiar with during my college years, we'll be trying out eats and drinks in Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, the East side (Bellevue) and possibly even a little day trip to Bainbridge Island (ferry trip!) or a little wine country in Woodinville. With this step, I hope to feed my innate cravings for adventure.

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So those are steps one through three... we'll start with them and see how that goes. Check-in mid year, perhaps to document progress? I think, YES. Hopefully, I'll have more to cross off than write down!

What are your big goals in 2013? 
What steps are you taking towards reaching them?

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