the wandering goose.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Where to go for a bite to eat after church? That's what the boy and I struggled with this past Sunday after Palms Sunday Mass - we had no idea what we were in the mood for.. we were just hungry, and the belly needed to be fed. We decided to venture to Skillet Diner, but somehow there was water pipe construction happening at the same time resulting in an early closure of the restaurant. About 25 mins into our wait, we were notified that they were unable to seat us - the whole neighborhood's water was going to be shut off.

Eeeek! Hungry.. grumpy... and indecisive of where to go next, I remembered a good friend's recommendation to try the wandering goose.

On the corner of 15th and Harrison in North Capitol Hill, tucked between Ethan Stowell's Rione XIII and the 22 bar without any clear, outside sign except for the faint scribble of "wandering goose" on the front door window and a neon-light outline of a white goose - sits the wandering goose. The thirty seater is home to Southern inspired breakfast and lunch featuring fresh, homemade buttermilk biscuits, cookies, layer cakes, hush puppies, grits and more. The vintage, rustic feel to the cafe is a perfect place for a quiet Sunday morning catch-up sesh to share weekend adventure stories. Even the tables have their own stories to tell -- each table has a beautiful wooden top and etched with a little quote. Ours said "Bug fell in love with goose. Goose fell in love with bug. And they fell in love..." so cute. 

The cafe's ordering process is similar to one of our favorites, Oddfellows - where you order, pay up front and pick a spot in the cafe where you'd like to be served sweet goodness. Upon entering the cafe, I was immediately drawn to the front counter filled with delectable sweets and treats - five-layer coconut cream cake, raspberry thumbprint cookies, chocolate ginger molasses, pear coffee cake, bourbon pecan pie and more...

The boy and I settled on a fresh buttermilk biscuit with raspberry preserve jam to start as we gave into our sweet tooth.

light, buttery flakiness dressed with a sweet fruity goo - a simple melt-in-you-mouth in every bite. 

And for our blunch (breakfast + lunch, I'm a bigger fan of lunch than breakfast.. hence not using brunch) I settled for an Aunt Annie's which I washed down with a hot cup of rooibos tea, while he chose a fresh cup of coffee to accompany his Sweet Blonde.

Aunt Annie's: fried chicken. bread & pickles. house mustard. Heather's homemade honey. buttermilk biscuit
Sweet Blonde: sweet potato biscuit. country ham. egg over-easy. Steen's butter. 

Devoured within seconds, these biscuit sandwiches were absolutely divine. The boy and I are definitely looking forward to eating here again soon... or maybe just to stop by for some sweet treats. I've got my eye on that coconut cream cake.

What yummy eats did you visit this weekend?


  1. You should try their Friday night dinners! No reservations, family style and they close once the place fills up. It's on my short-list of places to go.

  2. prreeetty sure we call breakfast + lunch "brunch" ;)

    sounds amazing! I'm surprised at how many Southern comfort food establishment have been popping up in Seattle these days.

  3. mmm love wandering goose :) their friday dinners are fun too!


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