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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Next month, I'm absolutely stoked for the remake of my all-time favorite book... The Great Gatsby. Loved the original classic black and white starring Robert Redford, but looking forward to dear, suave Leo to take it away as Gatsby. With such a blockbuster coming our way, it's no wonder that spring fashion trends and street style are channeling the inner-flapper and roaring twenties-look as we all await for the glitz and glam to hit the big screen . One of my go-to style guides, Refinery29, even features 11 modern and easy ways to revamp 1920s fashion trends. My favorite look - the drop down waist. 

To kick-off the less-than-a-month countdown, Tiffany and Co revealed their new windows inspired by the film today. Glittering chandeliers, jewels and intricate beading crafted by hand and of course the iconic Savoy headpieces -- all designed by the classic jewelry brand to gear up for the Great Gatsby. 

For a glimpse into the frosted and carefully etched windows, check out the Tiffany and Co Instagram. One of my personal favorites include this snapshot:

Aside from the all-star cast featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan - there is great anticipation around the powerful voices and beats of the film's soundtrack, too. According to the Rolling Stones, the artists include: Beyonce, Florence and the Machine, Lana del Rey, Fergie, Sia, Gotye, Jay-Z among many others.

Beyond excited for the movie, I'm thinking a little champagne and a re-read of the book is in order this weekend.... and possibly, a little speakeasy themed party before seeing the movie in theaters?

And in case you haven't seen the trailer yet... 

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  1. I'm SO excited to see the new Great Gatsby! The Art Deco style of that era fascinates me and I'm excited to see how they portray it in the new film. I'm sure it'll be glamorous!



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