how to cook a wolf.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

No this is not a recipe for a roasted wolf with a side of sweet potato mash... instead, this is me sharing my recent, birthday adventure: a trip to Ethan Stowell's How to Cook a Wolf.

My main squeeze and I are huge fans of Ethan Stowell - especially since one of our favorites is a few blocks away - Tavolata. That little restaurant has played a huge part in our relationship - our first romantic dinner together and then again for Valentine's Day. Their happy hour is fabulous too; we highly suggest the bruschetta with smoked fish, aioli and pickled onions, as well as their handmade gnocchi ala romana.

As such, I was beyond excited to dine at How to Cook a Wolf, Stowell's other famous spot in upper Queen Anne. The restaurant is nestled in a corner, a little more north of the other boutiques and cute date spots and has a gorgeous, rustic feel to it with an open kitchen and bare wood aesthetics.

Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by a gracious hostess and an excellent server attended to us. Being well-versed with the menu, he immediately pointed us to his all-time favorites which we gladly ordered (photos below).

To note, Stowell's dishes at How to Cook a Wolf are on the smaller portion side, and meant for sharing.  Two plates per person are recommended for a satiable meal. More than willingly, we were enthused to hear that and ordered four dishes total - allowing us to try all of the favorites.

soft cooked egg
Dungeness crab, chili aioli, pimento potato chips.

beef carpaccio
preserved pecorino, taggiasca olives, fava beans

sugar snap peas, morels, black pepper, pecorino romano

spelt cous cous, sultanas, pinenuts, balsamic

Our favorites included the soft boiled eggs and scallops. The soft boiled eggs were absolutely decadent - the Dungeness crab and aioli added a touch of heat and acidity to the soft creamy yolk of the egg. In regards to the scallops - they were cooked perfectly, medium rare, with a beautiful sear on the top and bottom. Tender and juicy, they melted in our mouths. 

The beef carpaccio was also beautiful - great colors, flavors and very light. The campanelle had a fresh sauce of fresh basil, garlic and butter, as well as the flavor from the morels. Handmade pasta added to the dish also gave it a nice touch.

Overall, another beautiful and romantic dinner. I absolutely loved our little foodie adventure and am definitely adding this place to my must-eat list. 

how to cook a wolf
2208 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98109
To make reservations, visit their website for more information

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  1. This looks amazing. Already making plans to go when I return :)


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