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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A quick round-up of last week's happenings...
Thanks to Japonessa for inviting me to try their new Future Beauty roll and Tokio gin cocktail in honor of the Seattle Art Museum's newest exhibit, which celebrates 30 years of Japanese Fashion

The sushi roll tasted great - not spicy nor super elaborate in taste. It was a clean, refreshing roll. The Tokio gin cocktail was absolutely delicious - a little tart and sweet.. and of course, pink! 

Future Beauty roll: snow crab legs. yamagobo. cucumber. ume. tuna. albacore. salmon. shrimp. tempura flakes. sweet, soy miso glaze.

After the Future Beauty roll, my main squeeze and I also ordered the Rainbow Poke salad and a Heat Wave roll since we were super hungry. The Heat Wave was an amazing blend of smooth rich avocado with fresh salmon, jalapeno shavings, and lime. The Poke salad was a great way to fill us up, as it's mainly a plate of protein. Afterwards, we went through the SAM's exhibit and looked at the neat clothes celebrating Japanese fashion. It was a real treat to visit, and I can't wait to see the next one!

Spotted: Godzilla at brunch. 
Had a fabulous morning with my main squeeze and tried Tom Douglas' newest restaurant TanakaSan, located on 6th and Lenora. (Foodie review on what we ate for brunch to come soon... believe me when I say it's delicious because I'm definitely coming here more often.)

Goofed around at the Warby Parker Class Trip pop-up shop and tried on almost all of their frames! I even found my new favorites - the Sims in Violet Magnolia!

Aren't we cute?

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend... even had time to sneak write a blog post for Professional Gal! Be on the lookout for my #5Items feature. 

Excited for the 4th of July weekend ahead as we visit my family in good 'ole Portland and spend time catching up on our favorite tv shows.

Stay tuned for more... I have a few things lined up over the next few days which include my food review of TanakaSan and a thrift adventure to Value Village (cl)! Can't wait to show you the amazing treasures I found and also share my very first DIY project.


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