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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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By far, the most important part of a new home (besides my fluffy bed) is the kitchen - a place that brings me calm over good food, bubbly and sweet treats. As the kitchen is a haven where I seek simplicity and comfort, I want to decorate it with simple, vintage pieces - bringing that sense of warmth and assurance that there is no stress in this space - just beautiful plates and bubbly.

I'm thinking a mix of Anthropologie-like serving ware, gold-rimmed champagne flutes from One Kings Lane (my latest addiction), and these beautiful, oversized mugs from West Elm -- Also, I love the idea of a quick mix-match - so print or no-print, it doesn't matter. If it passes my "cute" check-list, then it's going in the shopping cart.

Totally understand that my color palette for my new space will be filled with bright pops of chartreuse and shades of gray, but for my kitchen, I'm going to focus on incorporating more simple whites and ocean blues into my serving ware so that when I'm plating my meals, the colors in my food will be more vibrant... and remember, the meal tastes as good as it looks too :) Currently with my existing plates and bowls, there's a lot of simple black and whites and of course, clear glass. With the whites and blues, I hope it will help soften the harshness of my current cupboard collection. Maybe a little gold will add some glitz to the bar tray, and glam to my gastronomic oasis.

Here are a few of my favorites that I've been wanting to add to my new kitchen. If you have any places you suggest I look, please do share in comments below.

Otherwise, feel free to shop with me here!

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