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Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Ahhh yes, Mother Nature - we're all aware by your torrential downpour and gusty winds that fall has truly arrived in Seattle. As such, I've been cooping myself inside all day with cozy blankets, hot cups of tea and cooking a big 'ole pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Catching up on tv shows and a throwback movie "Back to the Future," today was all about comfort.

R&R were definitely much needed as this week is going to be absolutely hectic! A quick trip to Santa Cruz tomorrow for a work retreat -- new projects and FY14 planning -- I get the keys to my new place on Thursday -- attending an art show on Friday -- going home to Portland for my grandma's 86th birthday and to watch my main squeeze run the Portland Marathon.

To continue this restful "spa-like" evening, I'm making nice cup of green coconut tea and listening to my Enya Spotify playlist while reading the latest copy of Bon Appetit to wind down for the night.

Do you have fun plans this week? Any therapeutic, relaxation tips?

And for your convenience - I've included my sleepy time playlist, enjoy!

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  1. Um, Santa Cruz?? You do know that's less than an hour from me, right??? Details!


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