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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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wise words kirsten. taking your advice today and the next... as i'm excited to announce some fun news and updates.
  1. My happy home series is reaching its end... as my last post (next week) will feature a home tour of my new place! I'm beyond excited to share my home with you, and all of the fun new things I purchased along the way. major props and shoutout goes to my main squeeze for helping me with the many trips to west elm, target and ikea. 
  2. I'm officially a contributing blogger for Eat Seattle - where I've been asked to write and share foodie journeys around the Seattle area. Beyond excited for this opportunity, and am so excited to work with Charles on it.
  3. My next mini-series - Accessorizing Life With - will feature a few of inspiring women/leaders who I've met along my blogging journey. The first post will kick off tomorrow... can you guess who's up first? 
Excited for these new adventures!

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  1. Can't wait to see your home tour! And I'm excited for your new series!!


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