Recipe: Green Juice Delight

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My latest obsession: juicing and fresh veggie-filled smoothies. Call me a cray-cray, but I'm a slave to my Vitamix, courtesy of Mama Nguyen who still calls me her baby and thinks I'm not getting enough daily nutrients. Little does she know, I'm a fan of my tub of veggies which consists of cucumbers, carrots, celery and a handful of spinach.. yes, I eat those daily in addition to a salad with dinner (most of the time) and now, my morning ritual of fresh juices and/or smoothies. 

Not sure if drinking kale sounds appetizing? Thought I'd share one of my recent favorites that's sweet and may suck you into this whole healthy, kale green eating. Here's what I call a green juice delight - a concoction I put together all on my own, inspired by my favorite freshly squeezed Pinterest board

RECIPE: A Green Juice Delight

1 handful of kale
1 green bartlett pear
2 small persian cucumbers
1 fuji apple
2 splashes of coconut water (add more to your liking!)
2 small celery stalks
1 handful of juicy, green grapes (about 10 or so grapes)

Clean, chop (or not) and throw them into your Vitamix.... Now give that baby a whirl for 3 minutes on the speed level 4 or 5 until it's completely smooth. If you like your juice/smoothie thinner, add more coconut water. Want it sweeter? Try adding more grapes or agave syrup. 

please ignore the chipped nail polish... it's been a long week. :)
Typically, I drink a glass while I get ready in the morning and save the rest in a mason jar to drink with lunch in the afternoon. When doing so there's a little separation between the juice and the pulp - aka the pulp begins to float to the top. Think that's gross? Just shake it up, and it's back to normal!

Are you a juicer? Got any recipes to share?
Would love to hear in comments or tweets!

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