Accessorizing Life With: The Boston Fashionista

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For this edition of "Accessorizing Life With," I have the honor of introducing you to a great East Coaster - Kristen of The Boston Fashionista! I've been following her blog for about two years now, and I must say... this lady's style is just absolutely fabulous. She's definitely my go-to gal for dressing warm and fashionable. Think cute and fun printed scarves, smart layering and cozy knit accessories.

What has she been up to lately? Currently, she's jet-setting in Paris so be sure to follow her Parisian adventures for totally chic outfits and European fun!

Hope you all enjoy getting to know Kristen! 

Who/What Inspired You To Blog? 
I work in academic science, and while I adore my job, I wanted an opportunity to reach out and interact with people interested in New England based fashion and design. I also wanted to explore the idea of being stylish in New England. In a region of cobblestones streets and volatile weather, unique fashion challenges are presented.

What is your favorite accessory? 
My Theory cashmere scarf (shown below). It's the perfect layering piece and so cozy!
Similar here: 

Over the time that you've spent on Boston Fashionista, what has been your most rewarding experience?
Oh that's easy. I have met so many incredible people through the blog - designers, entrepreneurs, shop owners, PR executives, readers and other bloggers and editors, many of whom have become very close friends. It's funny, people thinking of blogging as a very solitary endeavor, but it really is a wonderful way to meet new people.

Much thanks goes to Kristen for her time and for 
participating in my "Accessorizing Life With" series! 

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