work it: a crossfit newbie.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As some of you may have seen via Instagram, I've recently taken up Crossfit. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would start an intensive workout class such as that... I've always thought of dabbling in Pure Barre and the like, but my main squeeze (and Mama Nguyen) convinced me that it was time I needed more than just ballet movements and yoga-lates to get my butt back into gear.

The Honest Truth
For the past year and a half, my daily exercise went from two runs a week to zero... nada .. zilch. I became a couch potato... blaming that "I didn't have time to work out." Making excuses that I needed to work late and that morning workout classes were a problem because I wake up at 5:30 am everyday for work, etc. The list continues, and next thing I know, I've gained about 12ish pounds. My clothes didn't fit like they used to.. and those beautiful pink pleated pants I wore two summers ago have remained in the back of my closet - taunting me and my extra flab.

Taking the Challenge
My main squeeze, on the other hand, (I swear) has like zero body fat and praised crossfit as the best workout he's ever done... pretty much begging me to give it a try. I'm not going to lie - it's absolutely freaking intimidating. After about 3 months of back and forth "I'm going to try it.. No I'm not.. I don't know about this" - I signed up.

Survived my first crossfit class this past Thursday, and barely made it out alive after my first bootcamp class last night. My legs always feel like jello after class, and my arms... don't even get me started on how sore my arms are. Did I mention it's difficult to bend my legs? Does it basically hurt like hell? YES.
 BUT it is so damn worth it. 

With just two classes, I'm already feeling much better about myself and have gained a whole new sense of confidence. All the crossfit language that I was puzzled and scared about (kipping pullups, burpees, medicine drills, etc.)... it's all beginning to stick, too. My crossfit journey has just begun, and I'm really looking forward to seeing and sharing my results with you. 

Are you into crossfit? 
What have you been doing to stay active?
Would love to hear all your tips (healthy recipes, too) in comments below!


  1. YES! I'm so happy about this :) I started cross fit about 2 months ago and the past 2 weeks I've worked up to going 4 days a week. It is difficult as all hell, but once you finish you seriously get this high of accomplishment and pride. It is the best workout I've ever had and so worth it. Keep it up, girlfriend, you can do it! :)

  2. I'm inspired!! May want to try this out here in Raleigh -- I've heard nothing but good things!! xo

  3. Crossfit really intimidates me! I have also had to think, and focus about getting my but in gear since I ceased to really do any major, regular physical activity for a couple of years. I have been trying to go to the gym at least three days a week, and then with ski season here, hopefully getting in some skiing on the weekends,! It is tough to get back into it, so bravo for jumping on in!

    1. Thanks for the support, Andrea! You should really give crossfit a try if you want to :) It was super intimidating for me at first too. However, everyone at the gym is supportive and it's a great community vibe.


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