What to Do on a Rainy Day

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rainy Days call for .... 
board games, warm blankets, binge-watching tv and comfort food. 

This President's Day weekend, Seattle decided to share her torrential downpour of love with us. To cope with the gloomy, windy and rainy skies - my main squeeze and I decided to take on some productive adventures: The Museum of Flight. Learning and exploration were the themes for that Saturday, and we totally geeked out over planes and space. 

It's fun dates and activities like that when we seem to not mind the rainy days. Below are a few date ideas/activities from my main squeeze and I for coping with the gloomy weather. 

Hope you enjoy!

Play Dates for Rainy Days
  • learn + explore: Visit a museum, aquarium or science center. Remember when field trips to see "dinosaurs" and the human body exhibits were really cool? Well, they still are. Chances are you'll have fun while you both learn something new *Fuel the brain power*
  • book it up: Go visit a local book store, and pick a book out for each other. It's a great test to see how well you know each other, and a chance to step outside of your literary comfort zone. Who knows, maybe you'll like mystery novels rather than the usual rom-com.
  • get creative: Don't believe him when he says he's not into art projects. We all dabbled with finger paints and popsicle sticks way back when. Bring him back to his kinder-years, and try a "paint your own ceramics" studio. For those in Seattle, I LOVE the Paint the Town studio in University Village. My main squeeze ended up having a blast and even admitted that it was a relaxing way to spend the morning. *Hint* Get there when it opens or half an hour after (the latest) to snag a spot without wait.
  • top chef (home cook edition): Grab whatever's in the fridge, and make an elegant meal together. It's a chance to have fun in the kitchen - an area he may not enjoy as much as you. Doesn't have to be a difficult four course meal... even an adult grilled cheese works, too! (Here's our favorite combo: Brie, bacon, sliced apples and caramelized onions.. YUM)
Getting creative at Paint the Town!
my mug | love you a latte.
What are your favorite date activities on rainy days?
Would love to hear in comments below.

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  1. Of course I love the "book it up" idea. ;) And I love your mug!


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