my five daily beauty essentials.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yes, today we're getting a little personal as I share my five daily beauty essentials! Picture above was taken very early this morning - pre-juice boost and caffeine. Hence, my delirious smile. :) 

I will admit - I'm a makeup junkie and willing to spend frivolous amounts of money on five shades of pink nail polish and multiple bottles of lip gloss even though I've barely used the ones I currently own. It's a girl thing, right?  

Well surprisingly my daily beauty regiment doesn't really consist of makeup. Ha. As much as I adore the smokey eye look, I'd honestly rather go au natural any day and let my skin glow and breathe. And what's even more awesome is that the sporty chic look is so on trend this spring. (Have you seen how Bows & Sequins rocks workout gear from barre to brunch?) 

So without further ado, I share with you my five daily beauty must-haves below!

If you've seen my Instagrams - you know how much I love to curl my hair... but really though, it's damaging and causes split ends .. even with heat protectant sprays. And especially when I'm on the go, my hair is the last thing I want to spend time on. My solution? Towel dry or blow dry so hair is almost completely dry or slightly damp. Tease your roots with a back comb and spritz on Garnier Fructis' Beach Chic spray and scrunch for an easy, texturized look. I also enjoy Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray to create this style, too. 

clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel :: for face and neck (for day)
Every morning (and I'm not exaggerating), I put on this face gel from Clinique. It's seriously a game changer from other moisturizers, as my skin is a combo of dry and sometimes oily by afternoon. This hydrates and keeps my skin glowing throughout the day. Typically, I put this on before I apply foundation and bronzer. And some times on weekends, I even wear it by itself. 

philosophy take a deep breath gel :: for face (for night)
On my most recent trip to Sephora, I snagged this little mini bottle of this face gel as a freebie aka Sephora beauty reward. For the past week and a half, my face has been saying "thank you" each night I lather the nourishing, light and relaxing gel all over before sleepy time. Non-oily, it's a nice way to help your face retain moisture and not dry out over night. 

rosebud salve :: for lips
I've tried it all - from Burt's Bees and Fresh lip balm to Vaseline's lip gel concoctions... I've never enjoyed a lip balm more than rosebud's salve. It's saved my poor lippys through winter, and now hydrating them through spring. This lip balm is my must-have for the tote bag and on my nightstand. 

bliss ingrown eliminating pads :: for underarms and legs
Now, we're getting super personal. Confessions - I'm terrible at shaving - a few knicks here and some stubble there. Ugh. It's just a pain and absolutely frustrating. My lifesaver? These ingrown eliminating pads by bliss. They have helped me so much, and I've only been using them for about a week. Do not, and I repeat, do not use them right after you shave... as they will sting. These pads are for in between shaving/waxing days for stubble free, extra smooth skin. 

Are there beauty products that you can't live without?
Share your essentials below in comments! 
(I love discovering new ones to try!)

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