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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ever since starting Crossfit, I've been on a whole new health kick. I'm sure you've all seen from my Instagram that I've been juicing and eating a lot more clean lately. As such, I'm always on the hunt for a new juice bar or yummy lunch spot where I know I'll get my much-needed dose of veggies. Also, it's nice to not have to sacrifice that meal as a "cheat meal" since it's hard to find tasty, paleo-friendly/healthy places when eating out.

Luckily, Seattle has definitely embraced that go-green, fit living attitude and there have been neat places popping up all over the city. A few of my favorites include Evolution Fresh (owned by Starbucks), Chaco Canyon Organic CafeHome Grown (they have gluten-free bread!) and of course, Veggie Grill. Recently after hearing all the raves from friends other peeps in Seattle, my friend Alyson and I had to go try Healeo.

On the corner of 15th and Madison in Capitol Hill, Healeo has cold-pressed juices, smoothies (even dairy-free ones!), salads, superfood bowls and acai treats. Let's just say we were a bit overwhelmed with all the menu items - so much to choose from. Everything sounded refreshing and amazing. We settled on some fresh juices and each her own bowl of healthy goodies. Alyson's Coconut Acai Bowl was really neat and even served inside a coconut!

omg. look how cute alyson is with her coconut!
I opted for the Kale Avocado Quinoa Bowl which also included some cabbage, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, beets, cucumbers and carrots. For my juice, I chose the skin detox.

I was so surprised at how full I was getting from my bowl - especially the fact that I've been eating a lot of meat lately to ensure my protein intake is high enough. I mean... that bowl was large and in charge... and I was stuffed by my last bite. It was a really yummy lunch, and I absolutely adored catching up with Alyson over our nutritious juices. 

Would I recommend Healeo? If you like your veggies, then heck yes. If you don't... start learning.

Let's just say I'm definitely coming back to Healeo soon and am really looking forward to trying out one of their smoothies when the weather gets hot. That Coconut Almond has my name all over it.

Do you have a favorite healthy lunch spot or juice bar? 
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  1. Sounds yummy! I went to Thrive recently in the U District and had a great experience. Glad to hear there are plenty of options!


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