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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

spotted: beautiful brownstones nearby boston university
Home sweet home! Yes, I'm back from my East Coast adventures, and it's been a whirlwind playing catch up. I'm so excited to finally have a moment to share with you my travels, along with my favorite places to shop, eat and play. 

The Wednesday leading up to the Fourth, my main squeeze and I hopped on a red eye for the other coast. Upon landing in Boston and checking in our hotel, we immediately began the countless hours of walking and exploring.

First order of business? A little stroll through Boston Common towards Newbury Street... and for all of my Boston friends, you shouldn't be surprised at all. Newbury Street = fabulous shopping. For lunch, we enjoyed a local favorite, Parish Cafe, where the owner approached Boston's famous chefs and asked them to create their own sandwich for the restaurant's menu. As such, there's quite the variety of yummy-ness - from Italian hot subs to even a Vietnamese banh mi! Their Peach Puree Lemonade was super refreshing.

Then, it was off to explore Boston University. We ventured to my main squeeze's alma mater and visited the ROTC building when he first became the handsome officer he is today. We ended the adventures with my first trip to The North End for a romantic, Italian dinner at Panza before heading off to the Charles River for a Fourth of July fireworks show.

The fireworks were beautiful! I've never seen such a spectacular display of bright lights before, and the Boston Pops were playing the background, too. It was such a great evening. That night, I also happened to survive my first East Coast thunderstorm. As we were walking home to the hotel (about 6 blocks away), I felt a raindrop... and then just like that without warning, it all came down. Needless to say, we looked like drowned rats when we got to the hotel, but it was an unforgettable experience... and a great one to laugh at later. 

The rain didn't prevent us from continuing our exploring the next day. We stopped by a tiny corner breakfast shop called Mike & Pattys in the Bay Village. It reminded me of Seattle's Paseos because this truly was a local favorite - and if they ran out, that was the end of that day. It was delectable, and I would totally go back for one of their breakfast sandwiches. Also, I'm in love with its neighborhood. The Bay Village is so cute! All the little shutters and brick buildings... so adorable.

For dessert, we went back to The North End with the sole purpose of eating the amazing cannolis at Mike's Pastry. Pistachio for him, and chocolate for me - we devoured our delectable goodies at the park nearby. I was in bliss. 

The rest of our Boston included walking tours through Faneuil Hall, the Boston Harbor, Robert Shaw Memorial. ... and of course, more delicious seafood bites! Unfortunately, we got rained out for a Sox game, but being on Yawkey way was so neat. I've never seen so much team pride before! 

cannolis. pizzales. italian cookies. = heaven
they were amazing. 
amazing lobstah roll + clam strips at the clambox
Boston was such a beautiful city! I loved every minute of it, and hope to be back again soon. Below is a consolidated list of all my favorite sights and eats that we visited. Enjoy! 

boston eats:
legal seafood
parish cafe + bar
mike's pastry
b&g oysters
mike & pattys

boston sights:
newbury street
boston harbor
faneuil hall
boston common
prudential tower
fenway park
boston university
paul revere house

Stay tuned for a recap of my adventures in New York! 

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