Discovering Gems with the Lisa Bridge Collection

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last night, I was lucky enough to preview the new Lisa Bridge Collection from Ben Bridge and meet, Lisa in person! I had a wonderful time chatting gems with Lisa and the other bloggers. I absolutely loved learning about the different pieces, and the many places that inspired her new line. 

In total, Lisa made four collections for her line, which are all named after places she visited and loved! And what's great is you can see how each place is reflected in the jewelry - from the color to the setting of the stone. The four places she was inspired by were: Rio, Cascades, San Juans and Santorini. 

After looking at all four collections, it was really hard to narrow down my favorites... I liked them all!

The Cascades really caught my eye though - the mossy green color of the gems and even more so this gorgeous Labradorite and diamond ring! For Lisa, the pieces of the Cascade collection evokes the raw natural beauty of the mountain range and evokes untamed adventure. You can see it how all the gems are cut in angular shapes and hand-set for a unique look. 

Another collection I was drawn to, also inspired by the Pacific Northwest, is the San Juans collection. The ring above featuring the frosted rose quartz has a calming, beautiful and ethereal feel. 

The Santorini collection featured gorgeous blues and neutrals, and the Rio collection was bright, vibrant and full energy! I fell in love with the candy apple green color of the Chrysoprase, Chalcedony & Diamond Ring. See how I rocked the bling below? Like a natural. 

I had such a great time at the blogger event. Lisa is so passionate about what she does, and I loved learning about how she became a designer, her family history in the jewelry business and of course, discovering these beautiful new pieces! 

Thanks to Ben Bridge for hosting the event and for the lovely earrings from Lisa's San Juan collection! I absolutely adore them. 


  1. So fun seeing you at the event, Amanda! Love your photos (and the collection of course!) :)

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