she lifts bro // my first olympic weight lifting compettion

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would compete in an Olympic Weightlifting competition... Remember one year ago? I didn't even think I was going to stick with crossfit. 

But now I'm obsessed, drinking the kool-aid, throwing weights around, and constantly trying to get a PR at each session. 

After a month of freaking out and training from an awesome Coach (Lincoln Brigham of Gryphon Strength and Conditioning), I did it - my first ever Oly Meet at the 2015 Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships in Kent, WA. I had been to a few meets before -- but just as a spectator. This was my first one going as a participant, and I had the absolute best time. 

Nervous? You betcha pretty bottom dollar. I was terrified. 

I completed four out of six lifts, medaled and learned a lot about myself that day. I'm beyond thrilled to cross this off my bucket list, and look forward to training for my next one in a few months. 

I think, more than anything, the thrill and excitement of this competition was the fact I was trying something new - something I was afraid of. To be able to conquer one of my fears, get over it, and challenge myself was the most rewarding part.  

{ A few action shots from the mock-meet to prep for the big day }

{ Day of the Meet }

{ Celebrating our wins } 

No matter the challenge -- whether it'd be running a marathon, competing at a weightlifting competition, taking a photography class or figuring out how to make homemade pasta -- those moments when we're learning and pushing ourselves to try something new -- that's an incredible moment worth celebrating. 

What are you hoping to celebrate in 2015?
Cheers to you and your "celebration" moments this New Year, and wishing you the best!

Photo cred: Coach Lincoln Brigham


  1. You are cray, but in the best way. :) You go girl!

  2. Wow, this is awesome! super inspiring.



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