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Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's easy to get sucked into the crazy and overwhelming, non-stop madness that is life, and forget to just take a moment to breathe. As such, I've been unplugging (taking a step away from my Macbook) and exploring new ways I can rediscover inspiration and recharge. 

Lately, I've found comfort in exploring the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. As many of you know... I'm not an Annie Oakley. By no means would I consider myself a hiker or a trailblazer in granola munching, tent-sleeping or mountain climbing. However, there is something just absolutely b-e-autiful and serene about nature. It's so calming and just brings an overwhelming sense of peace. 

My main squeeze and I made an adventure list recently that features all the gorgeous, outdoorsy spots we want to hit up this season and through the summer. I'll be sure to share that list with you when it's done, as it could be helpful for you when you embark on your own quest into the woods.

At the very top of my list was Rattlesnake Ridge - about 45 mins outside of Seattle. It's in the Snoqualmie / North Bend area, and is a beautiful hike that overlooks Cedar River watershed, Rattlesnake Lake, Mount Si, Mount Washington and Chester Morse Lake. We crossed that off the list this past weekend, and it was actually a pretty easy hike, too. The view was absolutely breathtaking. (Photos below!) I highly recommend it if you're looking for a less taxing hike.

As I further explore the many wonders of Washington, I'm really looking forward to sharing many more of these adventures with you. Next up on my list -- the Ice Caves!

Where have you explored recently?
(Doesn't have to be outdoors -- if it's a new local coffee shop or restaurant, 
I'd love to hear all about it! Share in comments below.) 

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