Getting Fancy with Calligraphy and The Fancy Cat Studio

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This past Saturday, I took my love for doodling to a whole 'nother level. I had always dabbled with my own version of "writing fancy". I was that odd girl who loved to cursive with super fine point pens and wasted hours writing out my favorite quotes on pretty paper. So when the opportunity to take actual classes with The Fancy Cat Studio came up two months ago, I raised my hand. 

Actually, it was more like this:

Saturday arrived, and I was giddy like a Kindergarten on her first day of school. Cute outfit? Check. Ready to learn? Check. Check! The calligraphy workshop (class) was held at Fresh Tangerine, an adorable local jewelry shop in Pioneer Square, Seattle. And to answer your question -- YES, I gave into my shopping habits and picked up some adorable midi rings - like this ampersand one in gold fill. 

The store is absolutely beautiful (photos below)! Styled to perfection with a mix of vintage and modern home accents.

These bookends are adorable! I love deer/stag inspired home decor. Antlers bring a beautiful, woodsy and rustic feel to a home. I've also seen paper mache and plastered like material for stag decor. 

This pillow spoke to me when I saw it. I loved the pop of hot pink against the faux white sheepskin throw on the chair. 

And can we talk about this velvet couch and the gold pouf? For those of you who know me personally - I obsess over poufs at West Elm, and actually found my very own woven pouf last month. But that gold Moroccan styled pouf that I've admired and seen in Glitter Guide, etc. -- when I saw it in person, I just knew... it's going back on the shopping list, and specifically in the color, metallic gold. Also, do you guys see that wall gallery? On point. 

Oh, and we didn't just practice loop-de-loops and make messes with our inkwells all day... we did blogger-y things like pose by a beautiful flower wall and took silly photos. 

And no party.. .ahem.. class, is complete without snacks, yeah? 

Donuts, sprinkles, cheese plates and mimosas fueled us for that morning of learning, mingling and fun. I had such a great time, and learned so much. Crystal, founder of The Fancy Cat Studio, was an awesome instructor, and I look forward to more workshops with her! 

At the end of my class, I thought I was getting the hang of it... so behold (had to share), one of my  from my very first calligraphy class. (Right before I made a huge inkblot about 2 cms away...)

Have you learned something new lately? 
It was one of my New Year Resolutions to challenge myself and 
do something new. Share with me in comments below what you've 
been trying and discovering. 

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