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Monday, April 20, 2015

I've lived in Seattle for almost seven years now, and to be completely honest, I feel like I haven't explored that much. It took me my fifth year of living in Seattle (the year I graduated from UW) to finally explore beyond the Ave and University area. From the hipster streets of Capitol Hill to the beautiful docks by Ballard, I've come to learn so much about the Emerald City and love every nook and cranny of it. One neighborhood in particular, Pioneer Square, I feel has been forgotten for quite some time now. However, with a few recent new little shops and restaurants, I have to say.. it's definitely put itself back on the map. 

A few weeks ago, I took a few days off from work for a little staycation and decided to explore. Pioneer Square was where I ended up, and I loved every minute of it. My first stop was London Plane - a cute little shop and cafe featuring fresh flowers, pastries, small plates and handcrafted local goods (cards, stationary, books, etc.).  Also, across the street is Drygoods Design  where you can learn to sew, have a sewing party and purchase beautiful homemade sewn goods. Basically... too much goodness in one little strip. Did I mention that Bar Sajor is on that same block? 

Flower Shop at London Plane
During my visit, I stumbled upon E. Smith Mercantile and was just mesmerized with all the neat things there - such unique jewelry, candle sets and apothecary-like herbal beauty ointments. Also, I just absolutely loved all of the succulents and earthy decor in the shop.

Unfortunately, I had to jet to lunch to make the line at il Corvo so I didn't get a chance to visit another Pioneer Square must-shop, Fresh Tangerine. If you're looking for beautiful, locally handmade jewelry, go there. Their delicate midi rings and necklaces are perfect accessories to complete any look.

As a "treat yourself" lunch, I arrived at il Corvo (a super yummy spot) about 15 minutes before it opened and joined folks in a 10 person line as we waited to enjoy a plate of amazing, fresh made pasta. This little place is only open during the weekdays from 11 to 3 pm, which makes it almost impossible to squeeze in when at work. Also... if you don't get there early, you'll probably not get a seat or endure an hour wait at least. BUT, I will say... it was totally worth it to get there early. I got the calamaretti, rings of fresh pasta, calamari, taggiasca olives, and pomodoro. ... Ah-Mazing!

If pasta doesn't float your boat, I also recommend grabbing a bite at Salumi for Mario Batali's artisan cured meats and sammys. A few friends have mentioned that Tat's Deli is also a great lunch spot for delicious Philly Cheesesteaks. 

After that delicious lunch, I ended up wandering back downtown near Westlake Center to get some shopping done. But if you happen to be in Pioneer Square after work, visit Damn the Weather for their craft cocktails and their blood sausage sliders. 

What new neighborhoods have you explored in your city? 

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  1. I'm in Seattle and I've lived in Lower Queen Anne and Belltown, and visited Capitol Hill most weekends my senior year when I was living in Tacoma and my fiance was at Seattle U. I really haven't explored Pioneer Square much but I have wanted to go to Damn The Weather for soooo long! We always pass it going to any sporting events and say, "We need to go there some time."


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