Living the Frat Life

Sunday, June 20, 2010

As of now... I can officially say that I'm living the life of a "Frat Boy" or as they wish to be called, Fraternity Gentlemen. My life as a frat boy will be for the duration of Summer 2010, as I venture off in 10 credits of Summer Quarter and working part time at Crewcuts. And no, Crewcuts is not a salon, and I'm not a hair-dresser. Crewcuts is the children's line of J.Crew.

Life is very different living here at the fraternity. My sanitation levels have decreased dramatically, and I am now accustomed to the occasional ants (5 or so) that so welcomingly appear on the outside of my Brita Water filter pitcher or on my desk. Why they are there? I have not a clue, since I tend to lysol every inch of my room at least twice a week. My only thought: they are attracted to the surplus of delicious foods and goodies my mom over purchases and sends to me. (She believes I can't buy groceries, myself. However, the idea of not paying for my own food is quite enticing.)

My room is not too large yet not that small. It is a bit claustrophobic, because I keep the windows closed at all times for fear of spiders, mosquitos, and other friendly outside creatures that may become attracted to my Brazil-Carnival scented Febreezed room. Thus, an air filter sits in the corner next to my closet.

The previous resident of this room, who apparently roomed here for three quarters straight, has painted the walls a overwhelmingly bright green. I think of the Sesame Street Sign, when I look at the walls. Now with the addition of my bedspread, my roomie's furniture, and my love of pink, the once-fratty, bro-tastic room looks as though Barbie or Hello Kitty threw up in it. Pink, pink, pink, and green... Our room resembles the inside of a watermelon.

No complaints yet... The bathrooms are "professionally" cleaned by a fellow live-in, one of the fraternity men. As well, the kitchen is touchable and usable in comparison to other fraternities over the summer. I'm thinking stuffed portobello mushrooms next week and a side of zucchini fries. Chef? Not quite... chef-in-the making - is more like it. At least, I can cook. It fascinates me how many people my age believe that the microwave and top ramen is cooking. Boiling pasta and putting sauce in it is still not cooking.

Cooking - the fine art of cuisine and food is of another topic for discussion. Back to the frat life....

The Frat Life... well, we'll see how long I last. My mother says she gives it a month before I give up. I'd like to prove her wrong. I can last three whole months. I mean... how hard could it be? This is what life as a grown up is going to be like isn't it? (Minus the unsanitary conditions...) I'll have to do laundry myself, cook, clean, wash the dishes, learn to be independent... Let's ponder that.

When I told an old high school friend the other day that I was living in a fraternity for the summer, he laughed and said "That would be a great reality tv show." I don't consider my experience in a frat to be as comical in comparison to MTV's "The Real World." However, I do understand his astonishment when I told him of my living situation for the summer. How will I survive? Well, I'll keep you posted.

The Accessory I'm learning in this experience: You can never have too much lysol (just kidding)
What I'm really taking from this situation is the fact that you can't let someone scare you or tell you what you are incapable of doing. Your determination and strong will power are two very important accessories.

(1) I am determined to stick it out these next couple of months.
(2) I have the will power to survive and will no longer complain about how the frat life is not what I'm accustomed to in comparison to the sorority or at home.
(3) I will take this opportunity to better myself and learn to be independent.
(4) These two accessories (determination and strong will power) will only make me a stronger and better person. Thus, I will seize the moment, embrace it, and accept it.

Well, I will leave you with those words. Expect another post of my adventures...

For now, I bid thee adieu. Tomorrow begins at 5:30 am to register/switch out of a class, and Summer Quarter commences with a two hour 8:30 am class.

Bonsoir ma cherie! Don't let the ants bite.

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