Seersucker shorts

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spotted: The opposite sex dressed in seersucker shorts, brown belt, crewneck nautical-striped sweater, and boat shoes.
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Smile: Perfect white teeth

Me: One unfortunate mess sipping a grande iced green tea (sweetened) and studying away with the macbook and the com 440 mass media law book opened..

Him: Beautiful and immaculate

Me: Utterly confused why I was wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt and pissed that school was a main priority

Us: would never happen

Welcome to the dull life of books and caffeine, where study guides triumphs over all and coffee/green tea is on tap. I've been sitting at Starbucks for over four hours now... one paper almost done, and a study guide for my final exam read thoroughly. My body is jittery from the overdose of caffeine, and the head is beginning to ache from dehydration.

But, back to the beautiful man. Of course, I chose to neglect the fact the most important detail of all. Attached to his arm was a little skinny thing: blonde, tan, and just like him, perfectly dressed.... Yes, he's taken, and off the market. But just because you can't touch doesn't mean you can't look.

Enough of these distractions, it's time to suffer through the books and the papers once again... until A-term is over, the lion will remain caged in her lair, waiting to be set free...

Him: gone, left Starbucks about 10 mins ago with his significant other

Me: back to the law of sexually explicit communication

Seersucker shorts and good looks? His sexual identity might be questionable... skin may be a fake-bake..

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