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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

does fashion!

It phases me the advancement of technology and the major role it plays in our lives.

Nine years ago, the iPod was the newest must-have item
for the tech-savvy consumer. Then within the next couple of years, social interactions began to take a new form with the developments of Twitter and Facebook. Everything became readily available via the internet, and our society grew spoiled and rotten with its expectations for constant, instant gratification.

Today (Nov. 17, 2010), the New York Times posted an article "Google Fashion Shopping Site Makes Debut," raving about the quick, high-quality, personalized, and user-friendly website Google launched for today's fashionistas: (Cathy Horyn).

According to Horyn, Google has revolutionized online-shopping by creating "hundreds of virtual boutiques merchandised — or, in the new parlance, 'curated' — by designers, retailers, bloggers, celebrities and regular folks." With features that allows you to sort through clothes, shoes, etc. by style (classic, urban chic, street, military), celebrities, and even blogger... trend-setters are able to create a new look with just a click of a button. Also, a dear friend, Brooke, brought to my attention toda
y the use of 'Cookies' and how the internet especially larger networks infiltrate through your system to find information so that they can deliver ads that would cater to your needs or wants. I'm 110% sure that will follow the same method.
Check out the following sites... they too have comments about Google's latest addition:

3. Seth Weintraub's "Google's opens for Business today." -

On a typical day, I could spend up to at least an hour or two between class/during lecture/or before bed on topshop,, and the like... online shopping (a guilty pleasure of mine, as to the other million consumers out there). As much as I want to not be sucked into with it being the new thing, I'm sure I'll succumb to pressure and bookmark it on my Home Page. Let the shopping begin!

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