Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's time to make those New Year's Resolutions
Oh where to start? 

(all photos are courtesy of We Heart it, Between the Dash and Snippet & Ink)

1. No More Wasting Time. 
This includes spending loads of time on Facebook, Twitter, and sad to say it... but the Blog. I need to focus more... so Blogging will have to be weekly instead of daily, and FB & Twtr can be checked/updated via the fratberry... so actual FB-ing will be saved for a rainy day of leisure and lack of engagements. 

2. Work on My Friendships

When scrolling through the old phonebook or rummaging through photos, forgotten faces resurface that cause me to pause and wonder where have they gone. My goal for the new year is to rekindle those friendships. I've missed some of my old middle school friends from St. Joseph's and Pope John XXIII. Even the high school buddies from Jesuit are now simply acquaintances. Here's a toast to them and that their lives have been merry and I'm wishing them the best of luck with all of their future endeavors. Hopefully, one day, we'll get together for a little rendezvous. Oh and of course, another resolution is to maintain/strengthen those existing relationships. The ones that need weeding out will be plowed and new seeds will be planted. There's no need to ring in the new year with grudges... just laughs and positive energy. 

3.  I Will Spend More Time at the Library

My schedule this quarter allows wonderful time in between classes to study/read/catch up. Whether I use this time well and be productive is questionable... I hope.. I WILL, according to the resolution, to use this time wisely and stay on campus to study and get things done. Either the libraries or Molly's Cafe under the Henry Art Gallery will be my temp. place of residence for Winter Quarter. I'm saying Goodbye to watching soaps and MTV between classes at the chateau of ADPi and saying Hello to staying on campus. 

4. Running Will be One of My New Loves

From some of my previous posts, you would think that I would be too scared to go running/jogging again after my bloody fall. BUT... after a month month when my ankle healed, I got the hat and running shoes back on. Next thing I know, I was running through Ravenna and on the Burke-Gilman trail again. My goal this year is to go running at least three times a week and to get my butt down to the IMA at least twice a week. I used to just enjoy doing yoga or the elliptical and many would never take me as the athletic type except for cheerleading, but I've gotten use to this idea of "running for fun." I never understood the concept before, especially, when I had a coach scream at me and my teammates to run the football lines or laps in front of the Varsity football team (as motivation) when I was on Varsity Cheer my sophomore year of high school. But now, older and a bit wiser, I totally get it. I used to laugh at my XC friends who always exclaimed their love for the "high" they get from running. But... now, I'm totally diggin' it. I love that feeling. My mind is completely clear and I can actually relax. I'm in my zone... my little world.  It's beautiful. 

5. I will work on on my Penmanship.

If you don't know by now... I'm one of those girls who sometimes chooses to space out and not listen to you when you're talking.. but nods her head and says "mm hm" so that you're thinking that I'm listening.. but really I'm just doodling my name and other random words on a notepad over and over again... figuring out how all the swirls blend together to formulate such beautiful words in a scripted font. Yes.. that's me. I'm that girl. 

For this year, I want to make my handwriting a lot prettier. I've scribbled here and there and dabbled a little with a calligraphy brush when I was younger... but I am not completely satisfied with how I cross my t's and dot my i's. With that being said, I think I'm going to set aside some time on the weekends to practice my penmanship. By next NYE's, I want to have the perfect signature scrawl. 

6. Learn a Wee bit of French
French Dictionary = My New BFF... I will learn one word a day... or one phrase a day. The goal is to be able to smile, pronounce a couple of words 100% correctly, and to have people think that I actually can speak French. So far... I've got "Je ne parle pas Francias" down pat. 

7. Limiting my sugar intake.
It's time to be back on that diet.
Counting my calories, reducing my portion size, eating more veggies and cutting back on the sweets. My sweet tooth will not be happy, but my body will be in love that I'll be able to squeeze back into a couple of those itty bitty dresses. Going cold turkey won't do any good ... and probably cause more harm. However, I could opt to pass on the desserts that Steve and Sid tend to make at the Pi House... their 200+calorie chocolate chip cookies and their tendency to have rich, creamy chocolate dessert-like goods laid out for us to gorge ourselves. Not going to lie, I'll never pass up on macaroons, eclairs, or a cannoli. We'll see how this diet goes.

Cheers friends. 
Let's ring in the New Year. 2010... 
I'm ready. 
Bring it On.

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