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Monday, February 14, 2011

photo courtesy of Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Samford University
"i love my alpha dees..."
- Ashlyn Stallings, Leadership Consultant

This past weekend I flew down to Irvine, CA with some of my ADPi sisters to the District VI Leadership Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 

photo courtesy of We Heart It
first.thoughts. sunny warm rays of sunshine
i heart Cali. 

When we first arrived it was almost 11:00 pm so needless to say, I didn't really get to say hello to beautiful weather until this morning when the sun peeked through the curtains at 7 am. 

Day 1: 

Dressed in my Starbucks-inspired shirt (pictured below - modeled by Megan and Kashia), my Minnie Twill pants from J. Crew, little black pumps and a hand-made coffee cup nametag, I was all set to start off my DLC weekend of my pi love, sisterhood and everything adpi. 

Megan & Kashia! 
That's when I heard it.... 

ALPHAAAAAA.... Alpha..

Boom boom uh huh.. Boom oh yeah.. boom boom boom. boom... Hottie tottie, gosh almighty.. who the heck am I? Bim Bam, by damn, I'm an ADPi!!!!

<> Spirit chants <>

it was music to my ears. 

I love LOVE Love my ADPi...

Loved every moment of it... It reminded me a bit of cheer camp back in the good 'ole days of Jesuit High School when I repped the Green and Gold. Keep 'em coming.. "I wanna see more" was all I could think/say. 

 lookie who we have here! FRC & RVP. i heart recruitment.

But anyways back to DLC ... this past weekend made me reflect on my ADPi journey-- which pretty much strengthened my love for our international organization and the sisterhood I found at my chapter, Alpha Theta. 

Sisterhood is something that is unexplainable. Why do I love it? 
Well, that's really hard to put into words.

I love the ritual -- the history, the story of our founder Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald running to the secret spot with her blue and white ribbons -- my beautiful diamond badge pin -- I squeal, all giddy inside, when I see lions -- I want violets intertwined in the centerpieces of my wedding reception for my adpi sisters -- the traditions and ideal that my sisters uphold -- "I Believe in Alpha Delta Pi..." the Creed -- the amazing alumnae who inspire me to be a better sister -- give me your hand and we'll do the secret handy-do because i'm obsessed with secret ritual stuff like that-- I'll serenade you with Remember Your Alpha Delt Girl  -- Door chants -- It's the love I've found within my sisters. the heart of alpha delta pi lies within... 

Miss Katie B. and Emily - beautiful ladies.
Amazing leaders of Alpha Theta - empower. engage. enlighten. 
These ladies are one of the reason why I heart ADPi!
Lucky me -- I got a little fashion shoot with Mrs. Peggy Jones! 

Day 2: 

Mrs. Peggy B. Jones  inspires me to be a better ADPi. This past weekend, I had the fabulous opportunity to hang out/chit chat with one of the members of the Board of Trustees for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. We're totes on BFF status now... It began with my Executive Vice President breakout session... I was walking towards the Saddleback room, when I saw her and Mrs. Bogson. They were heading to a table where they were asking collegians and advisors to donate money to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. In return for a donation of $18.51 (in honor the of the year we were founded), members would receive a violet dangle and become a part of the Violet Circle. 

For those of you who don't know, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation was established in 1983 to raise funds for scholarships awarded to collegians --both undergrad and graduate, the Abigail Davis Emergency grants for alumnae, education programming at DLCs, Convention and Leadership seminars, and also leadership training for alumnae and collegians. 

Well as I walked towards that room, I  recognized her from the conference orientation introductions and immediately introduced myself. We did the secret handy-do and from that moment, I knew there was something special about this new friendship. I was shaking hands with the Mrs. Peggy B. Jones -- Member of the Board of Trustees for the ADPi Foundation -- big time contributor and amazing alumnae who has dedicated over 30 years of service, time and effort to Alpha Delta Pi. 95 year old -- who didn't look a day over 50, this woman was an inspiration. Mrs. Jones was an Alpha Zeta at Southern Methodist University in Texas and she is the definition of Classy & Fabulous. Great style, too! 

If I could be one ounce of her when I'm a Pi member... that would be ideal. Her presence at DLC VI really showed me the meaning of First. Finest. Forever. 

<> Oh Mrs. Amy Asplund... Throwing the D with the PD <>
Another amazing individual at DLC VI was International Officer, Rosalyn Williams. Serving Alpha Delta Pi as a Grand Council member, she has pretty much dedicated her life to the success of our sisterhood.  

Not gonna lie... I got teary-eyed when she spoke about her ADPi journey and announced her retirement from being an International Officer... oh emmm gee.. boy, was it an honor.

oh and you be jealous.. because she lives in Seattle and lovesss ALPHA THETA. That's right, she's less than 10 mins away and we are so lucky can't say that enough. LOVE LOVE love HER. 
members of my alpha class (2008) who came to DLC

you see this right here?
this is love.
the heart of alpha delta pi.
Executive Committee 2011-2012

oh gosh ladies... I can't tell you enough how much I love each and everyone of you. 
You all inspire me to be a better sister, friend and person with your leadership, service, and commitment to this chapter. Never stop doing what you're doing... and live it up. You all will go amazing places, and I can't wait to see where we all end up in 10+ years. 

Always remember that Alpha Delta Pi will always be with you. It's a part of you that you can't erase -- etched on your heart-- intertwined with your soul -- forever embedded in your mind -- it's for a lifetime. 

first. finest. forever.

alpha - alpha - alpha, alpha delta pi
like it. love it. listen & i'll tell you why.

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  1. I loved reading this! Im a member from your neighbors, at the Upsilon chapter and everything you wrote about is exactly why I love our sisterhood. I think love and friendship are the epitome of alpha delta pi and each member I come across seems to realize that as well. Warms my heart knowing we value the same things in a sisterhood we share even if we're at different schools and in different chapters! <> ♡


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