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Friday, May 6, 2011

Reason #47 Why I belong in the South...

T-minus 15 hours until the 137th Kentucky Derby, and yes, I've already stared at the  pictures on the Kentucky Derby Facebook Fan Page that were posted today of the Oaks - which includes the fashion contest and a Taste of Derby. 

Why am I so excited? 

1. I LOVE horse racing. There's a thrill - especially, if you placed a bet. Go Dialed In -- I'll be cheering you on from the ADPi formal livin' room tomorrow! 

2. The Outfits: Need I say more? Give me a beautiful sundress, floppy/elaborate hat and pearls any day! If it was acceptable to wear such outfits every day in the hippie Pacific NW, that would be P-E-R-F! (Already got "the look" the other day when it was sunny, and I wore one of my polos and penny loafers... apparently, I looked like a mom. I beg to differ.) 

3. It's the Kentucky Derby... when can you watch a sport that combines fashion, elegance and pure adrenaline -- all in one? 


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