5 Days

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello dear friends, so my obnoxious countdown continues. I probably have got you all annoyed... but honestly, I.just.can't.help.it. #sorryimnotsorry

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If only I could still rock the foufy skirt legging combo and have awesome birthday decorations like this for the 21 run. Do you think people would still come to the party if I made them wear hats? bahaha
Yesterday marked the beginning of my berffday week! That's right folks, in five short days it'll be my Birthday! And I'm turning the Big 21! Eeek! Finally trading in my strawberry lip balm for the big girl lipstick?!

Bahaha, yeah right. Uhh that's not happening - I could never part from the greatness that is Lipsmackers -- which smooths my lips ever so perfectly while leaving a tasty dabber of pink strawberry. 

The transition from the frat-castle to the bars -- oh boy...this Saturday night will be great. For those of my non-Seattle/non-UW readers, 18+ over bars are pretty much nonexistent anywhere near the UW campus. So this concept of going to a bar is relatively quite exciting... especially for the underage goodie-two-shoe who never had a fake. This Saturday when we celebrate my first legal drink at Finn MacCools (one of UW favorites on the AVE), it's go big or go home. And in my case, I'll probably be heading home after twenty-one minutes since... well... do we really need to explain?

Let's be real -- the little one ain't gonna last very long on her berfffdayyy... 
Thank goodness for the besties who have agreed to chaperone my adventures and take care of me. 
Miss Annie D. + Miss AKG + Dearest Robert + Diamond Biggie Denise + Enrique (My Sigma Chi Little Bro!)
l-o-v-e- you all very much. xo

Next thing to note on the calendar: sweet sweet summer
Lilly's new summer print Spin the Bottle
totes appropriate - Ray Bans, chapstick, boat shoes and party cups. LOVES
Summer is less than 7 days! Yes, it's almost time for me to get on that plane and fly out to #ATL -- to finally be with my EO sisters and catch up on all of the woppin' fun I've missed out. Then mid-June, we're all heading to Scottsdale, AZ (oh how I've missed thee - cactus, tarantulas, rattlesnakes and all!) for Alpha Delta Pi's 160th Anniversary Grand Convention! Wooot Woot! Chyeah buddy, I'm so stoked. And guess who I will be throwing another diamond picture up with? The one and only Mrs. Peggy Bort Jones - ADPi Foundation Board of Trustee member -- LOVES her! Then after an amazing ADPi-filled 2 months of summer, I'll get to jet-set again but this time with my ultimate best friend - my dearest mother -- Mama Nguyen! 

What's keepin' me from an amazing time of my life? just a paper and a final exam. I can do this... just need to stop procrastinating.... NOW.
#leggo #cantwait #freakingout #needsummerASAP

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